Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What's Wrong with Mother's Day in Table Form

Here is something else I don't want.
I posted the graphic below last week when I introduced the Mother Pucker project, then people started emailing it to me ("Did you see this Lydia? It's so YOU.") and sharing it on Facebook and Twitter. And I was like, OH SNAP. I finally do something halfway decent and our name isn't even on it.


So I just put our name on it. Because this table is pretty much Rants from Mommyland in a nutshell. If you feel like sharing it - please go on with your bad self. Pin it, share it, do whatever.

Sigh... I am so bad at blogging.

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  1. love the chart! i agree wholeheartedly. and i'd never seen the whole boobs/butt thing before, but now i do!

  2. thats cute and i always thought the heart looked like a butt too hahahaha

  3. Yes Most Exactastically. I loathe those boobs and a butt necklaces. Whenever someone shows up with one on at church, I have to smother myself and not giggle/snark.

  4. FYI: When I saw it on my friend's facebook page I totally gave you guys credit!!! You deserve credit 'cause that's freakin' hilarious...and true...but mostly hilarious!

  5. Iv been saying the whole boobs butt thing forever and no one ever agreed so thank you

  6. how come I didn't know the pardy was HERE!
    totally fun - tears - laugh.
    thank you! Anne

  7. See and here I was thinking it looked like balls.... Thanks for a new perspective on why that necklace is so gross!




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