Thursday, June 14, 2012

Come On. Or Cumin? I Have no Idea.

So a couple of weeks ago, Kate and I were on our way to go grab lunch when we saw something. I swear the reason we're friends is that we share a brain about certain things. Because when we saw it, we both just stopped and looked at it for a minute, perplexed. Then we looked at each other, doing an identical WTF head tilt.

Let's take all closer look at it, together.

Lydia: Wow... KUMON.
Kate: Look at him.
Lydia: I know.
Kate: (softly) Kumon.
Lydia: Why is he sad?
Kate: He's not sad... And it's not pronounced KUMON.
Lydia: I already know that. It’s pronounced: Cumin.
Kate: No. That is very wrong. It’s COME ON.
Lydia: Look at his face. He’s sad. He’s saying - just rub it a little.
Kate: No. He’s saying, come on. I rubbed it. Then you got it my hair.

Of course, the other reason we're friends is that we're stupid and inappropriate.

xo, Lydia (and Kate!)

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