Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Teacher Gifts - The TV Interview

Last week I went on TV to discuss what you guys told us about teacher gifts. Per my wildly aspirational efforts to be a good adequate better mom this summer, I even brought my 9 year old daughter with me. She was only mildly disappointed that she wasn't immediately discovered and given her own show. She had a lot of fun, was shockingly well-behaved and had her picture taken several times. Afterwards we had lunch and for maybe four whole, entire hours she thought I was cool.

Here's the clippitty clip below. Please note that I have a very strange and short haircut that I don't understand. I am so confused by it. I went in to get my roots touched up and a trim and I came out with platinum blond hair in the shape of a triangle. So I went back a few days later and said "Please for the love of Maude fix this thing on my head" and then I ended up with this haircut.

The Cap'n was shocked and was all: "WOW. It's small. And fluffy."

In the history of the universe, has anyone ever wanted their head described that way? Sigh... I am still glame. Some things never change.

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  1. The hosts addressed you as Julie.....have I missed something or am I still too new to the blog?
    Love your work! Reccomending your blog to all my Mummy friends here in New Zealand. You hookers rock!

    1. Go to the top of this blog & click on About Us...it's fabulously informative & will answer your question!

    2. Lydia is her super-stealth blogger name. In the real world (and on broadcast TV), she has to use her real name, which not so surprisingly is Julie. But since I love the blog so much, I think their real names ARE Lydia and Kate. Plus, I'm partial to the name Kate...

    3. @aaflood - Thanks for the hint. The About Us totally cleared up my confusion. However these ladies will forever be Lydia and Kate to me, and now Guru Louise. Thank you all for keeping me sane.
      P.S. We totally need Target in N.Z. and T-boxes wouldn't go amiss either.

  2. I think you look great! That blue is a great colour on you! Your hair curls nicely around your ear to show off your earrings. I'll have to watch it again when I get home so I can actually hear you.

  3. Lydia - you rock! (and when your name comes up on autocorrect, it is 'kudos'! Coincidence? I think not)

  4. Headmistress YcaJune 5, 2012 at 8:50 AM

    Great job, again!! And I really do love the new "do". I think it suits you and extra fun for summer xo

  5. I am a teacher of 25 years and I agree with EVERYTHING you said...no more craft projects please!

  6. You are going to have your own show before you know it. Seriously.

    I nearly got misty when you started talking about writing a note. It's so wonderful that it's the kind of things that teachers really want.

  7. You snuck in the word "trajectory" - pure educated awesome!

  8. I really wanted to laugh and be confused by your hair but the confusing part was that is it CUTE :) I think this is an excellent topic to have covered, I really appreciate it. Of course our last day of school was May 22 and it did not really help this year, but I will always think of this blog every year when teacher gifts roll around. Handwritten note and gift visa gift card, check!

  9. << "WOW. It's small. And fluffy." >>

    No one has already commented with "That's what she said." ??? REALLY????

    The kids are already working on their thank you notes to their teachers -- which gets me misty-eyed, too!

  10. The hair is cute! Only thing I can think of is that it looks more severe when hair is combed away from the face on a rounder shape (unfortunately I have personal experience with this).

  11. your honesty is refreshing ...

    the hair situation is dreadful.

  12. You looked beautiful, you were poised, you were informative and lovable. The trifecta of guesting on a local TV show. Awesome job!




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