Monday, July 23, 2012

An Angry Rant for Savannah

I'm reeling.

One of the things I fear most are those kids who seem so nice. Who seem like such nice kids. But really they're evil.

I'm not talking about batshit crazy people. I mean the sane people who do horrible things. Like gang rape a teenage girl they know at a party and take pictures of it. Then, being so happy about being asshole rapists, they share their pictures.

And the poor girl, who is just now 17 years old, finds out in court that these two disgusting, worthless, shitbags will get off with a slap on the wrist. And that she is prohibited from discussing the case EVER because they are all minors.  

You got your justice, sweetie! Now shut up and go away.

But she won't. So she tweets their names. Because by naming them, at least they have to face some of the same public humiliation, judgement, and shame that she had to take after they raped her and bragged about it -- with photos.

But tweeting means she broke the gag order, and for that she is now facing 18 months in jail. And why exactly? Because breaking the gag order is considered Contempt of Court and her rapists want her to be held accountable for that. Her rapists want her to be held in Contempt and go to jail. For what she did to them.


I want to drink. I want to run into the forest and angry dance until I fall down from being tired and out breathe because I am really out of shape. And when I fall down in the forest after my angry dance, I'm going to sob and then go fetal. Because I have three kids and how do I protect them from this?

Because how can this be allowed to happen? HOW? HOW? HOW? I believe in our system in justice. I really do. You have no IDEA how much I respect the people who work inside the system. But this shakes me to my core. SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING. Please. PLEASE help this girl. Protect her.

This girl and her parents who are willing to go public with her name and her beautiful face. Because they refuse to let this go. Because they're willing to stand up to something to so vile and wrong. Because Savannah is brave enough to do it.

I love her and I love her parents. And her friends and anyone in her life who has held her up through this. Thank God for you. Thank you for having the courage to do this. To do this for all the girls and women who are too terrified to out their attackers and make them pay for what they've done.

Because I may just lose my mind the next time I hear or read about someone saying: "Well how you can be sure most rapes go unreported?" or "Those statistics are blown way out of proportion." or "Can you be sure it was even rape?" or some other piece of ridiculous nonsense. THIS IS WHY WOMEN DON'T REPORT RAPES. Because of shit like this.

We all know someone. We all have a friend. Maybe we are that friend. We know it happens. I hate that this 17 year old is facing jail time. But she may be my hero because she was willing to risk it.

xo, Lydia


Today, the rapists asked that the contempt charge be dropped. The dirtbag lawyers said:
"The decision to withdraw the motion had nothing to do with public sentiment and online attention to the case. He said the purpose of the motion had been to enforce the law that protects juveniles and their actions from disclosure. "The horse is out of the barn," he said. "Nothing is bringing it back."
That's at least something to be thankful for.

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