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The Eye Patch T-Shirt Slogan Discussion

You can actually buy this, see the watermark for the store.
So a couple of weeks ago, a very cool mom emailed me about how her little girl, who just turned 7, has to wear an eye patch. And how pretty much every day, people say things about the eye patch and they're starting to upset her daughter. She asked if we could come up with a t-shirt slogan that would encourage people not to mention it when they see her girl.

And then you guys lefts hundreds of comments here and on Facebook. Thank you. Seriously, Thank you.

The mom sat down with her kiddo and read her all the suggestions to see what she thought and see if there was one she liked best. Here's what she sent me about her conversation with Miss E, her daughter. I loved it so  much, I just stuck it all here for you guys to see:


Mom: So basically, I'm going to read these to you, and you can tell me if you like it. And if there's a bad word I'll say "BLEEP!" Here we go: "If you ask me about my eye patch I'll start to cry and then you'll be the ass who upset the adorable little girl and everyone will think you're a jerk."

Miss E: I would not cry. I would NOT cry. And if you do that, everyone is going to think I'm a silly kid. Now you're going to embarrass me for my whole life!

Mom: Moving on. "I have to wear an eye patch because you are so BLEEP!ing ugly, I can only take half of you at a time."

Miss E: Nobody will understand that. Are you trying to make my brain explode? [Editor's note: I love this kid already. - Lydia]

Mom: What about a t-shirt that says Pirate in Training?

Miss E: I am NOT a pirate in training.

Mom: Yeah, but you could pretend you are.

Miss E: No, I'm going for things that are real, not fake. 

Mom: OK, what about this shirt, that would say that you were mauled by a tiger?

Miss E: No way. That would be creepy. Like everyone's gonna think I'm dangerous. Like going in the woods and getting in a fight with a tiger.

Mom: How about this: "I'm supposed to have two?"

Miss E: No, that would be silly, like they are going to think that I'm 4, and my parents never told me I'm supposed to have 2.

Mom: (She's muttering under her breath right now about how I'm trying to embarrass that a 7 year old thing?)

Miss E: This is all silly. I just want one that explains my, the thing of my life, why my eye isn't broken, why I gotta wear this eye patch.

Mom: So not funny at all? Not like, "I got in a tiger or shark fight."?

Miss E: Well, I try to explain, but to me it just doesn't make much sense. And how of the time I try to just tell people to forget about it, because it's not their business.

Mom: So you just want a t-shirt that explains it?

Miss E: Yeah, I'll only have a joke that has a real thing in it.

Mom: OK, let's keep reading. Here's one: "Bet you wish you had one too!"

Miss E: Nobody would want to wear an itchy eye patch. Totally, I'm telling you, nobody.

Mom: That's the eye that shoots lasers. You should be thankful its covered

Miss E: Ummmm, hehehehe, that patch wouldn't stop a laser from shooting right out of the patch.

Mom: But you could pretend it did.

Miss E: Oh, like rubber? Ok. It's sort of funny, but kind of weird. It's not too bad.

Mom: I may wear an eye patch but you need manners

Miss E: That would be rude! (pauses)

Miss E: Wouldn't it be weird if a baby tiger lived in my eye, like it just wanted to bounce out? That might be funny or weird. I kind of do think that would do good, sort of.

Mom: If you can pronounce esotropic amblyopia, you can ask about my eye patch.

Miss E: What if an adult came and asked, or a really smart kid?

Mom: But probably a lot of people couldn't even say it.

Miss E: Like a passage word? Like if you want to ask me you gotta say the passage word? And I'm not gonna tell you, and even if I did say it, you couldn't even say it. (She meant password, we think)

Mom: If all you see is an eye-patch, the problem is yours.

Miss E:: But then I gotta keep explaining!

Mom: No, it will make them shut up.

Miss E: Oh, ok. Maybe. I remember when all the kids in my 4H made me all beautiful patches. [Editor's note: Kids and teachers and 4-H leaders who do things like this for other people are the most wonderful thing in the world. **wipes tear**. - Lydia]

Mom: This eye patch keeps my super powers under control!

Miss E: Ok, if I did that shirt, I would have to have a super hero eye patch all the time.  A good thing, because if I didn't, they wouldn't believe it. It's just to go with the shirt.

Mom: What about a t-shirt that says "none of your business"?

Miss E: Mmmmm, ok. Yeah.

Mom: Ninja Fight. I won.

Miss E:: Uhh, ok. Alright. That works.

Mom: Even though it's not technically real?

Miss E: Yeah. That can work. Even though it's not technically real.

Mom: If you cant say something nice... don't say nothing at all.

Miss E: Yeah, because I don't want them to not say something nice.

Mom: If you ask about my eye be prepared to listen to all the GORY details.

Miss E: Ok, maybe that will work. But I will just want them to know that it's not really real. Wait, I know! I fell in the ocean and I got in a fight by a squid and I won, and I got blacked in the eye by the squid and I gotta have an eyepatch to make my eye look weird....does that work?

Mom: Errr... My eye is temporarily shut down for repairs.

Miss E: Ok, that works.

Mom: You could wear a shirt that says, "It's so I don't go blind."

Miss E: Yeah! That's what I need! I used to say it's none of your business but I could just say, "HEY! If I don't wear this I'm gonna go blind!!"

Mom: Guess how often strangers ask me rude questions?

Miss E: Umm, ok.

Mom: Words can hurt, think before you speak.

Miss E: Ok, maybe that.

Mom: Not every question deserves an answer. Not every question should be asked.

Miss E: Hmm, naybe that.

Mom: Vision is repairable, manners are a choice.

Miss E: Ok, that works.

Mom: My eye went on a vacation.

Miss E:Ok, that works. My bout that?

(End of blog suggestions. Onto Facebook suggestions.)

Mom: I only use one eye, what's your super power?

Miss E: Ok, that might work.

Mom: How about an arrow pointing to her head and the words "THIS person knows she's wearing a patch and will explain it when she feels like it."

Miss E: Hmm, ok.

Mom: Before you ask what is wrong with my eye, ask yourself what is wrong with your manners.

Miss E: I guess that might go ok.

Mom: 1. It's an eyepatch
2. I can see just fine
3. No, it doesn't hurt
4. Yes, I am awesome.
Any more questions?

Miss E: No, mom! It does hurt, it makes my skin all itchy. But I guess it might go fine...ok, I can't read books but I can see fine, but not the words....

Mom: Ok, so that's all of them. Which ones do you like the best?

Miss E: Uhhh, I don't know. I seem to remember them all. I like the travel in time one. And I remember I fought a ninja, I won. Ok, I'll have the tiger. I fought a tiger I won. Or, it could be I fought a tiger, I losed, but I would rather have won.

Mom: But won't kids think you're dangerous?

Miss E: Maybe, they'll probably just think I'm awesome, totally, even my dancemate will.

Come back tomorrow for more info on t-shirts and a quick response to Miss E for her total awesomeness.

xoxo, Lyd

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