Friday, September 7, 2012

Things Kate Will Hate on Pinterest

As many of you know, I like Pinterest. I do not use it in the same way that normal people use it; to collect ideas and recipes and inspirations. I like Pinterest because I always find stuff on there that is hilarious and stupid and also because it is a vehicle to torment Kate.

So here are a couple of things I've pinned recently on our board aptly called: "Things Kate Will Hate".  If you come across an image on the internet that you think will make Kate angry, please consider emailing it to me. (


I will never get tired of looking at this.

Here is one from the board called: "Wait. Whuck?"

Meth Bible Camp is a Dead End.
I could have told you that.

This one can be found on the board "Oh Even YESSER" and was originally shared with us by the brilliant and hilarious Pregnant Chicken, who commented that this young lady looked like she might be standing in a pool of her own urine - as we certainly would be if we were in her position.
 And there's this awesome one from our incredibly talented and hugely pregnant friend MommyShorts:

"Toys My Toddler Plays With" Pie Chart 

I even started throwing some ancient stuff from our blog up there. Here's an old favorite:


And this one, that just never gets old. It's like a little black dress - perfect for just so many occasions.

So, if you are one of the people who enjoy wasting time on Pinterest - please take a minute to check us out the next time you're on there.

Also? You should check out Mary MacCarthy (who writes the amazing blog Pajamas and Coffee and pins the funniest stuff on the entire on the interwebs, every single week). I say this out of love and in the interest of not being an a-hole because most of the funny stuff I pin, I find through her.

xoxo, Lydia
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  1. Have you seen the one with the frat guys sitting on a porch with a sign that says "honk if you dropped off your daughter"? Hilarious and never gets old.

  2. I want to start off by saying that I already loved you ladies.Then I toddled off to Pintrest like a good little girl to follow you and saw that you have a folder dedicated to the awesomeness that is all things hedgehog. I didn't think that you all could get more awesomer, but you did!
    Also, I think that I would be wearing that exact same expression if I were confronted by Alexander Skarsgard. And I'm 38.

  3. My most hated:

  4. One for your collection!

  5. The cat hair crafts book is hilarious! I have no words.

  6. This is a kate would love item. Google louboutin manicue (that fancy shoe with the red bottom that I will never be rich or coordinated enough to wear)

  7. Pinterest tends to look like a disorganized jumble to me but it sounds like a nice adjunct to a more formal tool. Having a quick visual reminder of what I liked about a set of papers instead of trying to squint at the title or parse through the abstract sounds nice; I'll have to try it. I'm totally gonna weird out all my "normal" friends using it to plan weddings or whatever. thanks!~ Barbara Taylor




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