Thursday, October 11, 2012

Halloween Do's and Don'ts - The TV Interview

 I went back on TV last week to talk about Halloween. Obviously, it was totally ridiculous. Just look:

This is a good look for me, right? Do you notice that I'm kind of fist pumping? I look like this kid (except that he's cute and sort of looks like Patton Oswalt):

Also, did you all notice that the three of us match PERFECTLY? That's just weird. This is me being awkward without meaning to be, also possibly being insulting to Katherine (in the green, which is sad because she's really cool) and Melanie laughing at both of us.

All I said was "your Jersey is showing."  Because we are both from NJ and she was talking about TP'ing people's houses on mischief night and that is not even cool, mofo. Anyway, here's the interview if you feel like watching it.


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