Friday, October 26, 2012

It's a Frankenstorm! Let's All Lose Our Schmidt!

Guess what everybody? It's a huge, scary storm and it's headed this way! Let's all totally freak out and run around in circles! [Except that I sort of do that, so I should stop now.] Seriously, though... I hope everyone stays safe and that you and your babies are all snug and dry.

Over at Rants in My Pants, I gave 25 great ways to prepare for Armageddon/Frankenstorms/Your in-laws coming to visit. I'm kind of an expert and stuff because I've had training. Government training. Even though these tips are silly, they are based on checklists from FEMA and Homeland Security.

But here's an example the government didn't teach me about:

Kitty, get out of the damn picture. Why are you so into having your photo taken? YOU ARE WEIRD.
And here are a couple more:

Go ahead and buy them, your kids will eat them anyway. In fact, the hard part may be keeping them from gobbling up this stuff before the power goes out. It's like apple sauce out of tiny, little, pre-packaged containers is the most delicious food ever. I don't get it. Out of jar and they're like - meh.

Even at night, you'll get some light through your windows. So keep all your important stuff where you can find it, even when it's creepy, spooky dark.

Matches are good. Especially for people who are afraid of blowing up their house when they light the pilot light on their stove. Because it makes that WHOOOSH sounds that is terrifying.

You know, an apple a day and stuff. Eat it - it's good for you. Besides, after a couple of days with no power, a fresh, crisp apple tastes amazing.

To see all the other tips, click over to Rants in my Pants!

Good luck and stay safe! Let's hope this storm isn't as bad as they say... xoxo, Lydia

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  1. I feel special because Lydia now follows me on Pinterest and therefore I have to brag about! I'm a loser I know and for some unknown reason I don't care!! Also anyone know of a good algebra tutoring website that's free?

    1. Khan Academy is a fantastic resource.

  2. This works for whenever the zombies come too, right? Because I keep hearing that's happening soon too. :P

  3. what about wipees to "shower" with when the water supply is cut-off. or just when you are too lazy to shower?

  4. The weather in the UK is NOTHING like the weather you guys get and I love the way you prepare for it all. Our country would just fall apart! We can't even prepare for rain these days and we get enough of it!! :-D




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