Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Baby is An Old Soul... What?

Lately, my littlest kid has been giving me the Maude face and saying things that make me feel that she has the soul of an old Southern lady who is intent on verbally abusing me.

I wrote all about it here at Rants in My Pants at Babble Voices. Here's a snippet of the post, whereby my husband (the incomparable Cap'n Coupon) gets a grade B preschool smack down from our 3 year old:
Daddy: Look what I have here! It’s a tiny statue of Tigger. You can play with it, but you have to be very careful because it’s made of clay and it’s very breaky.
Mini: Do you mean fragile?
Daddy:(abashed) Yes. I mean fragile. 
Mini: (raises eyebrows) Use your words.
Read more about it at Rants in My Pants at Babble Voices...

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