Friday, October 26, 2012

Pinterest Nonsense - Halloween Edition

I flipping love Pinterest. If you're on there and you don't follow us, please please pretty please find us and join us in our stupidity.  Here are some recent Halloween-themed additions to our boards. Let's start with everyone's favorite:

As always, if you come across something on the internet that you think Kate will hate, please send it to me at: Thank you in advance for your assistance.

How to make duct tape boots for costumes. Because boots complete the look!!! Never know when I might need this. :)
I think these are genius. Kate will see these and roll her eyes so hard one of them will get stuck. 
THESE ARE AWESOME. They look like Wonder Woman boots except they're PURPLE.
But Kate still hates them because she is KATE.

My apologies, you guys. As you know, I'm bad at knowing what's too gross to share. If you want to see it, click over to the Things Kate Will Hate board. It's a red and white Halloween costume. You kind of can't miss it. It really will make Kate puke in her mouth when she sees it, though. Which is awesome.


I think we should all pretend that this is where Kate gets her hair done. Because she takes her hair and the dude who does her hair, as seriously as a motherfunker. She don't play.  That's also probably why her hair looks good all the time and mine looks like it was done for $16 at the Hair Cuttery next to Walmart. Because it was, you guys. It was.

This gift also included napkins.
 This kills me. I mean, I would totally apologize this way for something gross that I did and Kate knows it.

Right now Kate is like "I want to think this is funny because it sort of is, but DAMN IT. Snape's love for Lily Potter is not a joke. YOU KNOW THIS, LYDIA."
Now she's sighing and shaking her head at me.

And now Kate is blind.


Parenting FAIL? No. NO WAY. Parenting WIN.

I dare ya
I AM DOING THIS NEXT YEAR. I call dibs if you live in my neighborhood.

hahaha yes 
This is the look Kate gives me in church. And I love it.

You can't look at this for more than 4 seconds and not laugh.
 I just... I'm dying.

Why do I have this board? Two reasons. Reason one: in my family the tradition is that I stuff my kids with healthy food before we go out trick or treating so that they will have less room in their bellies for candy, which even in small amounts turns them into uncontrollable crack heads.

Reason two: like a freaking idiot, I entered into a behavior contract with my two older kids. If they agreed to be kind to each other, watch their tone of voice, do homework and chores without me having to be nag-dragon and GET UP IN THE MORNING ON TIME, I would agree to have their buddies over to much on healthy stuff with us.

It worked. They've been awesome for two weeks. And yesterday I heard Hawk say this as he was getting off the (very crowded) school bus: "PARTY AT MY HOUSE ON HALLOWEEN NIGHT!!!!"

This is just so bad for so many reasons. Also, Cap'n Coupon - if you're reading this? Honey, I forgot to tell you that we're having a few of the kids' friends over for snacks on Halloween. I LOVE YOU...

fruit for Halloween party at school - Love it!

Clementines and a Sharpie.
Pretzel and Cheese Broom Sticks by mjohnmeyer 

Cheesesticks and pretzels. Adorable.

Apple slices, peanut butter, and marshmallow! 

Apple slices, peanut butter and marshmallows.

Bagel or English Muffin Pizza Mummies
Mummy pizzas made with English muffins or bagels. Olives for eyes.

Banana Ghosts 
Banana ghost on a popsicle stick

halloween party food
My favorite - mummy dogs with mustard eyes.

Wish me luck!


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  1. You could also do a healthy spin on these pudding cups -

    Jack o Lantern Quesadillas -

  2. I think I just gave myself a hernia from trying not to laugh out loud at Snape (even if I do agree with Kate just a little bit...) And Mr Bean... And that awesome cake... And the :Snicker: board. And that's karmas way of telling me to stop reading RFM when I should be working... Stupid Karma.

  3. Dude I Am so making the clementines for our kid Halloween party on Saturday. Ha! Sorry Kate.

  4. Don't know about Kate, but I did throw up in my mouth on the 2nd one... I liked the crazy boots though.

  5. Am I the only one who thinks those mummy dogs look oddly like penises? Unless you're working the weiner angle?! Then they are awesome.

  6. I think those boots are made with purple DUCT TAPE!!!

  7. OMG, that was soooo gross. Well done. Visit today and see if Kate hates the costume I posted today.

  8. I'm laughing my ass off (inside of course. Outside where my boss can see I just look like I'm having a seizure).

    I saw these the other day when you started pinning, and I almost wet my pants! When I saw those shoes I totally thought of Kate! How many exclamation points can I get into a single comment?!

    I wanna do the pumpkin thing this weekend. If I do, I'll send pictures!

  9. The Kate is now blind comment made me spit my wine all over the iPad.

  10. I made those mummy hot dogs. Came out great but took 45 minutes to make 8. Just sayin'

  11. Love the non-crack Halloween food! Oh, and the drunk cow! HA HA!




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