Wednesday, November 7, 2012

BIG NEWS About This Year's Grand Holiday Experiment

Last Christmas, all of us here in Mommyland tried to help a lot of mommies who needed it. We called it "The Grand Hooker Experiment". Over the past few weeks, we've gotten a lot of questions about whether we are doing it again this year. The answer is OH HELL YES.

Why? Because there is so much need. Moms and babies and kids all over the place need help. Hurricane Sandy just made everything a hundred times worse. And it's getting colder every day and I wonder how folks are going to manage.

And of course, I still remember the emails and stories from last year. They haunt me. Moms with husbands deployed in Afghanistan, trying to put together a holiday for their kids with food stamps and hope. Moms who are chronically broke trying to care for a special needs child. Moms who found themselves suddenly on their own, wondering how to explain to their kids that their dad was gone and there would be no gifts this year. Family after family where one parent got sick or laid off, and there was just no work. And there was no money. And no idea what they were going to do.

But there are other reasons to do it again. I've heard from a bunch of people who needed help last Christmas, but are now doing better and really, really want to help someone else. And also, the best part of the holidays for those of us who gave last year was knowing that we honored what this time of year was really supposed to be about. I still have the thank you card I received from the mom I helped, and it was honestly the best present I got.

And I want to do it again because my kids learned something from what we did last year. And I need them to be the kind of people who GET IT. We help others. Bad things happen to good people so we have to take care of each other. And we don't just talk about stuff or complain about how bad things are, we get out there and do something about it.

So this is what we're going to do this year:
  • We're going to match up moms who need help with moms who want to help, just like last year. (This will happen in December).
  • We're going to get our kids involved as much as we can. (More on this tomorrow.)
  • We're going to have events to make sure local organizations serving moms and kids have what they need, just like we did last Mother's Day. (More on this next week.)
  • We're going to call this project (and all the other give a handy sort of things we do) "Give it up, Mommyland!" because several people (ahem - Cap'n Coupon, I am looking at you) have brought it to our attention that the site is getting blocked because we say hooker so much.*
  • Oh and guess what else? The big news!  


Say hello to Sweet Relish. Sweet Relish lets you organize stuff you see on-line that you like and might want to buy. And you can follow people and they can follow you. I currently have six different boards/catalogs on Sweet Relish, here is a sampling of them:
  • Squirrell Underpants and Other Things That Are Real
  • My Preciousssss....
You sort of want to already click over there just to see the squirrel underpants, right?

As you know, I don't really pimp products here. We don't do give-aways or anything. So when I say that I really like and use this site, I mean it. But I actually am in love with them.

Because for every one of you that joins Sweet Relish and follows me - they will donate $1 in gift cards for moms in need.  

We could be looking at up to $5,000 in gift cards for moms this year, before we even start matching people up. And it will be fun because I will make the experience of following me on Sweet Relish the stupidest and most ridiculous adventure yet. It only takes a minute and is actually really useful and fun. In fact, I hope many of you will end up making your holiday wishlists there instead of somewhere else this year.

To join Sweet Relish and follow me, click here.
If you're already on Sweet Relish and you want to find me, click here.

Are you ready to GIVE IT UP this holiday season? Because I am.

*Hooker hooker hooker hooker hooker hooker hooker HOOKER. HOOKER HOOKITTY HOOKER. Sigh... Now I feel better.

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