Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Don't Ask Your Kids About Family Rules

I made the mistake of asking my kids about something again. We were eating dinner and my kids were arguing and it was driving me insane in the membrane. So finally, I said: "THAT'S IT! This fighting ENDS NOW. We need some family rules. "

They looked at me like I had suddenly turned into a T-Rex or something. 

"Come on, people. What rules should we have as a family? You know, so that we can all be happy and everyone will get along and stuff?" Why oh why did I ask them that? 

Here were some of their answers:

10. If you see your mom, ask her for something so she stays busy.

9. Don't eat too much salt. 

8. No more tomato fights. Sigh... Even though they're awesome.

7. Study music until you get to Mozart, then you can stop.

7. Try not to poop yourself, OK? Because it smells bad. 

6. Mommy should sleep in her own bed all night long. BUT WIF ME! Mwha ha ha ha ha ha! [This was obviously Mini who even at the age of 4, feels strongly that I should never sleep again.]

5. You want us to say "pick up your socks" but we will never, ever say that.

4. Dogs should never eat chocolate. No wait. That should be a law.

3. More helium balloons.

2. If you're feeling down, disco every four minutes until you feel better.

1. Dis is WEALLY IMPORTANT, OK? Are you listening? When I say turn on Dora, you do it.

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