Thursday, November 29, 2012

Give it Up, MommyLand: Holidays 2012

It's time for our second annual holiday project to help moms and babies and kids and families (and dads, too of course)! This post will include everything you need to know. There are 4 parts to this year's holiday project. There's something for everyone this time. Woot!

No money? No problem! You can join Sweet Relish or you can come hang out with us and donate your time. Super busy? No biggie. Send us an email and we can send you someone whose kids will be grateful for even a $10 gift card. Want to do something but don't know where to get start? WE'RE ON IT.  Want to volunteer your time but need to bring your kids with you wherever you go? Good, so do we. 

Way to Help #1: Gift Card Exchange
This will be just like last year. If you need a little help or want to help out a mom with a little gift card, send us an email. We will be accepting emails from people needing help for as long as we can. Then Kate, Guru Louise and I will then go balls out trying to match everyone up.

The Gift Card Exchange (last year's Helping Hookers project with an all new name -- GIVE IT UP!) will start on Monday, December 3rd. For more information, check back here on 12/3/12. Please note: We are not currently accepting emails for this.

Way to Help #2: Join Sweet Relish and follow Lydia
The awesome people at Sweet Relish are working with us to help moms in need this holiday season. They will donate $1 in gift cards for every person who joins their site and follows me (up to $5,000!!).  If you follow me, I promise to follow you back! It only takes a minute and is really useful and fun.

To join Sweet Relish and follow me, click here.
If you have trouble finding me, here's where I am - right on the main page!

Way to Help #3: Volunteer with us. 
Remember Mother's Day and The Mother Pucker Project? One of the things we did was throw a party where over 50 moms and their kids showed up with donations to create gift bags for moms living in homeless and domestic violence shelters. 

Right now we're planning three parties to help local organizations: one in Northern Virginia/DC (where Kate & Lydia live), one in Boston (where Guru Louise lives) and one in Charlotte, NC (where Sweet Relish & our buds from The Dose of Reality live). UPDATE: there are now events planned in Maynard, MA and near Vancouver, Canada, too!

If you want to do one where you live, 
we can help and Sweet Relish 
may even donate gift cards! 

To start a Mommyland event in your community, email Lydia & Guru at:

To learn more about the events in NoVa/DC, Boston and Charlotte and elsewhere clickety-click here. 

Way to Help #4: Get our kids involved.   
Our kids learned something from what we did last year. And I need them to be the kind of people who GET IT. We help others. And we don't just talk about stuff or complain about how bad things are, we get out there and do something about it.

First, we're making sure that everything Give it Up, Mommyland does is kid-friendly. We want you to be able to do all of it with your kids, so they see first hand how amazing you are for giving a schmidt about families in need.

Next, we have a post that lays out lots of ideas for how kids of all ages can help. To see it, click here.

Thank you so much, Mommyland.

xoxo, Kate & Lydia & Guru Louise

PS: About the name change, we used to be helping holiday hookers and mother puckers but some people ::coughcough:: Cap'n Coupon - thought our excessive use of the word hooker was off-putting and also we were getting blocked by a lot of places (like the US Government). [Riiiiight, because the US government knows nothing about hookers...snort. - Kate] From now on, any project where we give somebody a hand will be part of Give It Up, Mommyland. Because you know you like to give it up. And because we can't be mature about anything, we tried.

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