Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sweet Relish IS MY JAM.

Do you want to help families in need this holiday season? Are you bummed that we had to shut down the gift card exchange after only one week? Well here is something you can do to help our mommies.

Please consider joining Sweet Relish.  
Because for every one of you that joins Sweet Relish and follows me - they will donate $1 in gift cards for moms in need.  

We could be looking at up to $5,000 in gift cards for moms this year. We are currently less than half way there. We are leaving money on the table that we could be using to help moms. 

It only takes a minute and is actually really useful and fun. In fact, I hope many of you will end up making your holiday wishlists there instead of somewhere else this year. Because the people who work at Sweet Relish are really, really awesome and they actually care about what we're doing.

What does it do? Sweet Relish lets you organize stuff you see on-line that you like and might want to buy. And you can follow people and they can follow you. I currently have a bunch of different boards/catalogs on Sweet Relish, here is a sampling of them:
  • Squirrell Underpants and Other Things That Are Real
  • My Preciousssss....
You sort of want to already click over there just to see the squirrel underpants, right? You can also view the Panjancho that I'm getting Kate for her birthday this year.

To join Sweet Relish and follow me, click here.
Once you're there, finding me is easy.  I'm right here on their home page. If you don't see it - search Lydia B. Coupon. 

Are you ready to GIVE IT UP this holiday season? Because I am. 

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