Monday, November 26, 2012

The Muppets and CeeLo! Yesser!

This video just came out today and I really can't tell you how happy it makes me. I freaking love the Muppets and I also have a thing about CeeLo. Him and his bird on The Voice? I don't even like birds and I love them together. And him being such an unapologetic weirdo? And that voice? Puffy heart love. 

My kids have now watched this video about 100 times. I hope you love it, too and like me are able to use it as a means to distract your kids long enough to 1) pee alone 2) play Words with Friends for a minute 3) do something silly like unload the dishwasher.

xo, Lydia


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  1. OMG, I loooooove the muppets. And I now have a new found respect for CeeLo. I have always heart-ed the guy from Hot Tub Time Machine/Office. He's awesome. Makes the stomach bug I've been nursing seem not so horrible right now. Thanks!

  2. This was great...even my almost 2-year-old sat through it and laughed, and he doesn't sit through ANYTHING!!!

  3. I must be alone in my dislike for the muppets. I never liked them, even as a kid. The only ones I can tolerate are Elmo, Oscar and the elephant (whose name I won't try to spell). I'm not a bah hum bug, but I can't get into them. Maybe if they had a more sarcastic or pervy version ....that would be good. It's almost as bad as Dora. Yes, I went there...I did just compare the muppets to Dora. To be honest, I would rather watch the muppets than iCarly. That is a horrible show and I am so glad it's finally over. I wanted to punch Sam Pucket in the face every time she opened her mouth. Good riddance.




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