Friday, November 23, 2012

Volunteer with Us! Give it Up, MommyLand

For years I wanted to make volunteering a family holiday tradition, but:
  • I had no money to buy donations,
  • I had a little money but I had no time, 
  • I had no money AND no time,
  • I had no idea where to get started,
  • I needed to find somewhere to volunteer where it would be cool if I brought many small, shrieking children with me. And none seemed to exist.
Well, guess what? If you want to make community service or helping others part of your family's holiday tradition and any of the above things describe your life - we are about to make it easy for you, hookers.

Here's the best option for folks who have no time and no money: join Sweet Relish and follow me. For every person that follows me, they will donate $1 in gift cards to a mom in need. Up to $5,000! Seriously, click here to join and you've already helped a mommy out.

For anyone who can spare an hour of their time, we want to invite you to a party with your kids where you can all volunteer as a family, to help families in need. Remember the Mother Pucker Stuffing Party last Mother's Day? 100 of us got together (kids included) and made gift bags for every mom in every domestic violence shelter and homeless shelter in our area (6 shelters in all). And we had a blast doing it.

This December, we're planning similar parties across the country to help local organizations serving women and families in need:
  • one in Northern Virginia/DC (where Kate & Lydia live), 
  • one in Boston (where Guru Louise lives) and 
  • one in Charlotte, NC (where Sweet Relish and our buds from The Dose of Reality live). 

For info on the 12/1 Boston donation drive being organized by Guru Louise click here!

Saturday 12/15 there will be a rocking event in Charlotte, NC with Sweet Relish and The Dose of Reality's Ashley & Lisa. Click here for details.

The Northern Virginia/DC event with Kate & Lydia will be Monday, December 17th from 3:30-6 at Fairfax Presbyterian Church in Fairfax, VA. There will be tons of kids activities, so bring your brood. The event will be a donation drive/fundraiser for Final Salute. More details to come!

Two of our awesome, gorgeous readers have organized a party in Maynard, MA on 12/16. They will be creating gift bags for parenting and pregnant teens. For details click here!

Another wonderful, brilliant reader is having an event in Burnaby, outside Vancouver on 12/9. They are assembling bags of toiletries for moms and children in local shelters. For details click here!

One of our energetic, fantastic readers is putting together care packages of warm clothes for families in need near Bedford, TX on 12/15. For details click here!

Another amazing, motivated reader in Hazleton, PA (Northeastern PA) will be making toiletry bags for women in a local domestic abuse shelter on 12/15. For details click here!

Another awesome reader, Sassy Quenpin Mama, is having a stuffing party to benefit local on 12/122 in Roanoke, VA. You can help make gift bags or drop off donations the day before! Click here for details.

To start a Mommyland event in your community, email us!
To volunteer your time at one of the parties currently being planned, email us!
We'll be updating this page all the time with information about each event and the organizations we're working with.

Lydia (& Guru)  

ps: We'll be posting more information on the gift card exchange later this week. We will not start accepting emails for that until early December.

pss: If you get to Sweet Relish and you don't see me - I'm right here on the main page:

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