Thursday, December 6, 2012

Help This Woman: What Should Kids Get Their Moms?

I got a facebook message recently that posed a great question:

Hey Lydia,

I have an unhealthy (or healthy, depending on who you ask) addiction to your blogs, even though I am 23, don't have children and don't intend to have children for many, many, many years. Either way, I think I like your blog because it reminds me of what my mom was probably thinking when raising me and my brothers and sisters and it gives me some insight into the chaos I probably put her through and makes me appreciate her more and more. 

With Christmas being around the corner I was wondering if you would do a blog post on gifts that moms actually want from their children (all ages of their children). I know gifts have to be from the heart but either way, I just want to get her something she will love. I don't want to panic at the last minute and get a Sham-Wow. Help!

Thank you!
--your biggest, childless fan.

I think we can all agree that this email is awesome because here is a young adult type-person  APPRECIATING HER MOTHER. Sigh... It makes kind of verklempt. And makes me less afraid for my future.

This email raises a great question: while we all know that the holidays are about the kids (not the grown-ups), we will in fact (hopefully, possibly) get a present, right? So what kinds of gifts do we actually want from our kids? And age really does make a difference. Because while drawing me a picture and then wadding it up in a piece of tinfoil along with a used band aid would be a super thoughtful and inspired gift from a 3 year old, it would be a little weird from say, a high school senior.

So, here is my question... What could your kid(s) give you this year that would make you really, really happy? Also, what should really, really be avoided? I'll compile it into a big list and share!

xo, Lydia
The awesome people at Sweet Relish are working with us to help moms in need this holiday season. They will donate $1 in gift cards for every person who joins their site and follows me (up to $5,000!!). If you're too busy or too broke to help to a family in need this year, here is one really quick and easy way to help.  It only takes a minute and is really useful and fun.

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