Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hey NoVa/DC - Give it Up with Kate & Lydia

Kate & Lydia & Sweet Relish cordially invite you and your kiddos to come out and give it up!

Event Date:  Monday, December 17th
Event Time: 3:30-6pm
Event Location:  Fairfax Presbyterian Church (10723 Main Street Fairfax, Virginia  22030)
Event Details:  Holiday Fun for Final Salute!

Let's all Give It Up for Final Salute, an organization helping female veterans (and their kids) transition out of homelessness. We have a list of much needed items for their residential programs in Alexandria and Fairfax. We are also collecting donations, gift cards, and new or gently used children's books and coloring supplies.

We're going to have opportunities for people of all ages to volunteer:
  • Collecting and sorting donations
  • Taking inventory of donations
  • Making gifts for Final Salute Families
  • Writing letters to Santa for the Make a Wish Foundation
  • Making cards for wounded and deployed service people
  • Kid wrangling/playground duty
  • Setting up/cleaning up/being a general helper monkey
  • And more!!
We're also going to have lots of FUN activities for kids:
  • Cookie decorating
  • Hot chocolate station
  • Arts and crafts
  • Holiday dance party with Lydia
  • Little kid crafts with our ninja-like Preschool Director
  • Games & Prizes
  • Face painting
  • And maybe a super surprise guest!!
There is NO COST to come! We ask that either you volunteer your time, bring a donation from Final Salute's wish list, or donate money/gift card. We hope to see you there!

Sign up for items to donate RIGHT HERE!

For more details or to RSVP click right here.

Want to run your own craft table or volunteer station? click here

Have questions or ideas for us? Email us!

Don't live in/near DC? We've got similar Mommyland events all over the US & even one in Canada this weekend. Check it!

If you can't make it - you can always drop off or ship donations to us at:
Rants from Mommyland
c/o Fairfax Presbyterian Church
10723 Main Street
Fairfax, Virginia  22030

More on Final Salute and Female Veterans

You know that we have always had a special place in our hearts for military mommies. The women who receive services from Final Salute have made huge sacrifices to serve our country. Many of them are struggling now because they've experienced Military Sexual Trauma (MST), Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), disabilities, domestic violence, divorce/separation, and substance abuse (which goes hand in hand with PTSD).

We've all read the news stories about existing services being totally freaking inadequate to meet the needs of the men who have bravely served this country. But the needs of our female service people ARE SIMPLY NOT BEING MET. And it makes us here in Mommyland want to lose our schmidt
"A recent report from the VA inspector general examining veteran housing that receive VA grants found bedrooms and bathrooms without locks, poorly lit hallways and women housed in facilities approved for men only. Nearly a third of the 26 facilities reviewed didn't have adequate safety precautions. One female veteran and her 18-month-old son were placed in the same facility as a male veteran who was a registered sex offender." - AP News
"Homeless women veterans they talked to cited safety concerns about GPD housing, and 9 of the 142 GPD programs they surveyed indicated that there had been reported incidents of sexual harassment or assault on women residents in the past 5 years." - 2011 GAO Report
NO NO NO NO NO NO. NOT OK. NO forever. These women were willing to die for our freedom, sacrificed years of their lives to serve our country, and they deserve better. And so do their children.

Final Salute provides female veterans with safe housing, job training, counseling, and other assistive services to prevent homelessness. They are about to open a brand new home in Alexandria, Virginia that will serve women and their children. Let's get them everything they need to serve those families, keep them safe and help them thrive and succeed.
Here is the list of items that the brand new Final Salute home in Alexandria needs. To sign up to bring items, click here.

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