Monday, December 17, 2012

Lydia Meets A Beauty Queen

You have to love that she was willing to play along.
The more I find out about what's going on with female veterans, the more upset I get. On Friday, I had the chance to go on Let's Talk Live with Denyse Gordon, Ms. Veteran American 2012 and the public spokesperson for Final Salute. Final Salute helps homeless female veterans and their kids transition out of homelessness.
They are about to open a new facility that will house 5 women and 10 kids. They need everything - food, sheets and blankets, towels, detergent, bleach, paper towels, coffee, can openers... EVERYTHING. And we are hoping that Mommyland can help provide it for them. Please come today and donate your time, supplies, or money for the new Final Salute home in Alexandria, VA.
While I was THRILLED to go on TV and try to raise support for these women, I was also like - oh crap, I am going on TV with a beauty queen. So I maybe possibly wore mostly black (and double Spanx). I then asked kid #1 how I looked: "Sort of like a ninja. Is that on purpose?" Asked #2: "Does it matter?" Asked #3: "You hair looks weird. Why is dat? Is it clean or somfin?"
Then I made the mistake of discussing my outfit with Mini, and she totally did that thing where she starts sounding like a very old Southern lady in a 4 year old's body:
Me: What do you think?
Mini: Well, I don't know.
Me: What do you mean?
Mini: I don't like gray.
Me: This shirt isn't gray. It's black with white.
Mini: Right. GRAY.
Me: But you don't like it?
Me: No, I don't like gray so when I see it, I just have to say... [shrugs] yuck.    
Thank you little girl, for sending me off into the world filled with such confidence.
So then I actually met Denyse. OH MY SWEET BABY LEMUR. She is amazing. Kind, warm, insightful, funny, super smart (about to finish a PhD), very brave (almost 20 years in the Air Force and reserves), a combat vet, a survivor and someone who is bravely fighting to bring awareness to some really serious problems. I love her. I admire her so much. Just watch and you'll see:

Please come today and help us provide a home for these amazing families.
xoxo, Lydia, Kate & Guru

PS: I know today is hard day. The shooting in Newton, CT on Friday has rocked all our worlds. Putting my kids on the school bus this morning made me sick to my stomach. 

But today is also a day to do good. To take my children out into the world and to do some good together. And so that's what we're doing. xoxo, Lydia

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