Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Few Ways I Suck at Having a Sick Kid

I'm heading into year 10 of being a mom and there are some things I should know by now. One of them is how to deal when one of my kids gets sick. AND YET NO.

I love my littles more than sandwich bread and pumpkin pie. My husband and I have designed our whole lives around being good and attentive parents. We are present, loving and paying attention. AND YET NO.

Because as soon as one of my kids gets a tickle in their throat, I start screwing things up. It's as if I have total amnesia from the thousand times I've had to care for a sick child in the past. It's like The Blur takes over and I just react, moment-to-moment, until the crisis subsides. And then I collapse, exhausted, into a puddle while my newly re-engergized offspring use my flabby mid-section as a springboard into chaos.

Here's a little chart illustrating what I'm talking about. Please tell me it's not just me. Also, it may be a little hard to read (click to enlarge).

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