Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Girl Scouts & Boy Scouts Are Trying to Ruin My Life

I love scouting. My two big kids are both scouts and they get a lot out of it. But this time of year is a killer for parents. I don't know how the leaders do it. To you brave souls, I salute you. I admire you. I pity you. You must be exhausted. Here, let me bring you a large Starbucks and pat your shoulder while murmuring "there, there."

The boy has the Pinewood Derby this month and then something called the Blue Gold dinner. The Pinewood Derby, in case you didn't know, is a BFD. For little dudes, it's huge. They make a car out of a small piece of pine and then they race them. It's this big thing. I never knew anything about it because my brother was never a boy scout (my father thought it was a stupid para-military group and a waste of time).

Now that I know about the Pinewood Derby and I almost wish I didn't. It takes my husband and son forever to build that tiny car and it means nothing else is getting done. Curse you, tiny vehicle, CURSE YOU.

And my Girl Scout has the father daughter dance this weekend. Also a BFD. And there's the lottery to get into the really good Girl scout camps this summer - don't forget that! And then there's cookie sales. Every year, it's the same thing with freaking cookie sales. I do all the grunt work while she swans about in her sash looking adorable and closing sales. Which is fine, that's how its supposed to be. But I'm wiped out and the worst of it hasn't hit yet.

My husband and I deserve badges for this, people. Because it's the season of scout-caused parental exhaustion. (If you have trouble with the chart, click to enlarge it)

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