Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Help This Woman: Teaching Kids About Money

Last week I got invited to talk about teaching kids about money and finances on a local TV show called Let's Talk Live. They gave me the topic and a list of suggestions from an article on MSNBC. I then went on TV in the middle of a severe allergic reaction (completely doped up on Benadryl) and babbled for 8 minutes about none of the talking points they gave me.

Because I am awesome and a professional.

BUT... It's a great topic. And it really matters to me, because my big kids are old enough to start getting it. And also one of their friends in 5th grade got a MacBook Air for Christmas and when I found out I spit my coffee across the room. Because I mean - COME ON.

So I want to know - how do you teach your kids about money? About being responsible with it? About the value of both money and the things they want?

I would love your suggestions and also - I would love to know your thoughts on what age to start introducing these concepts.


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