Friday, January 18, 2013

It's a Round-up!

Over the past couple of weeks, I've posted a lot of stuff here, on Babble Pets and on my Babble Voices blog (also called "Rants in my Pants" - a name that I'm now rethinking because try saying that to one of your husband's work colleagues with any amount of dignity).

So here's some stuff you may be interested in...

I made a video about all the things I say to my kids that I don't actually mean. Because saying "if you don't stop bothering your sister, I'm locking you in the basement until camels rule the earth" is not what experts call good parentingClick here.

I went on TV and was supposed to talk about kids and finances but I took a bunch of Benadryl and babbled incoherently for 8 minutes instead. You can watch the clip here.

Because I actually care about that topic, I asked for your advice, collected your feedback, and came up with 15 very useful tips on teaching your kids about money. You can read them here and see if your suggestion is on the list.

I wrote a post about making chicken salad from chicken schmidt when I was on bed rest (while pregnant with Mini). Warning - it's not funny, it's kind of personal. You can read it here or just skip it and move onto something important like...

Learning what a porcupine sounds like. YOUR MIND WILL BE BLOWN. Play it for your kids when they're being particularly tedious and see if it doesn't snap them out of it. Watch it here.

Or you could show them this video of a big puppy teaching a little puppy how to walk down stairs. It's so cute it's not even right. It's here.

You guys know how I feel about hedgehogs, right? Well look at this guy. He's one of 25 hedgehog memes I collected for a slideshow of hedgey goodness. Here it is.

Guru Louise has been up in the hizzy, too. She wrote an amazing post about when her little boy lost his lovey. It's really wonderful and it's right here.

She also wrote about potty training because you know what? It is not easy. It's like pimpin', which is also not easy. You can read it here.

Lastly, you can read what happened when my weird family discussed super powers in the car. You can check it out here. There are two very important updates to this post:

  1. My super power, in case any one is interested, would be the ability to stop time because I'm f*cking exhausted and no one lets me sleep.
  2. My children no longer sing "this squirrel is on fire" when they hear Alicia Keys. It has now been replaced with "this squirrell is a liar" because we are a very, very professional family
The last thing in this round up is something I didn't write but my good friend, the incrediballs Pregnant Chicken did. IT'S THE PREGNANT CHICKEN WEEKLY PREGNANCY CALENDAR! It's so awesome and helpful and hilarious that even non-preggos such as myself will enjoy reading it.  Here it is, hookers.

Thank you for joining me on this round up and I wish you a merry long weekend, free from both fevers and vomit.
xoxo, Lydia

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