Thursday, January 24, 2013

Oh, I will pin it ALL DAY LONG.

It's time for a Pinterest update. OH YES IT IS. Let's start with items pinned to:

A Pinterest board dedicated to punishing Kate for abandoning all of us 
(or as she very selfishly puts it, "having priorities" and "working for a living").
It's actually just kind of a fun way to include her even though she's not with us all the time.

Let's start with a functioning pan flute made from tampon applicators. 
Guess who may be getting one of these next Christmas?!

Moving onto the vain and evil queen from Snow White:
That just never stops being funny.

Moving onto shoes... A reader sent us these:

Taxidermy shoes made of hooves. So of course, Kate went to the website 
and now claims that she has ACTUALLY PURCHASED these:

I'll believe that schmidt when I see her wear them to church just to horrify the heifers. 

Oh here's one more reader-subitted gem, guaranteed to make Kate's eyes bleed 
and potentially induce a seizure of some sort:

Nipple clogs. 
They're actually even too much for me. 

And finally,
Something I think Kate may actually agree with. Possibly need to re-file this one.

A Pinterest board dedicated to things that make me laugh out my mouth hole. 

I love it.

I want to party with her.

Also with this guy.

Oh I think we have an OBLIGATION and a DUTY 
to do this to our kids when they are teenagers.

Also, this from our buddies at A Dose of Reality made me literally LOL:

Backstory: This was during a LICE OUTBREAK.

From the board called:
Wait. Whuck?

Just. WOW.

Annnd because it's January, I have a new board called:
I eat it because it's good for me, not because I want to. 
Except this stuff looks kind of good so I m may try it.

Teriyaki crockpot chicken. Plus it's self-cooking - so yay.

Creamy brocolli and white bean soup 
with toasted pine nuts and parmesan. 

Mix ranch dressing right into the Chobani container. Yummy and only 20 calories for 2 Tbspn. 
Field-tested by our buddy Pregnant Chicken, who has a whole of board of stuff 

And finally, a little something for
Again, not because I want to but because I have to or my kids will kill me in my sleep.
(Also because remember my big plans for Halloween? Well Hurricane Sandy cancelled all of it.)

OK, here's the deal: if your kids go to the same school as my kids you have to PROMISE not to copy this for class Valentines, OK?! Promise?

Except we're giving everyone lollipop mustaches 
(because my daughters are obsessed with them) 
with notes like these you see below:

We're going to use either felt or foam sheets from Walmart 
and Tootsie Pops and it's going to be awesome. 
And FOR ONCE, I will not be the lame craft mom! 

And here's some non-crack snack and treat ideas because the amount of sugar my kids eat 
that week is too horrifying for me to think about:

Strawberry skewers


Little pizzas made from bread. Yesser. 

That's it for now! If you're not on Pinterest - GOOD FOR YOU. STAY AWAY. But if you are, come hang out with us. We're right here.

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