Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What I Say to My Kids vs. What I Actually Mean

Lately, I find myself saying things to my kids that I don't entirely mean. It's not that I'm lying to them or anything. It's just that what I want to say and what I should say are often not the same things.

Because I see them doing stuff like throwing mulch in the air. Then when it lands in their face and gets in their eyes, I want to say something like "I told you not to throw mulch. Like possibly a million times. You think maybe this was why?"

But then I see other parents saying things like: "When you throw mulch, it can get in your eyes and that hurts. Let's make another choice."

And I'm so impressed by these parents. I just hang my head and think to myself that I'm nearly ten years into motherhood, and all my instincts still suck. So I actively make an effort NOT to say what I really mean to my kids. Instead - I try to imagine what a good parent would do and I say that. And I made little video about it and here it is:

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