Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I Hate You, Cold & Flu Season

I recently wrote a post that was all about how I am terrible at parenting sick kids because I always do everything wrong. But recently I realized, it's not really my fault. BECAUSE WE ARE ALWAYS SICK and it's making me a little crazy. How can I possibly be a productive, nurturing, kind-voice-having mom when all I do is put out fires caused by people being sick?

Is this a good week to work on a science fair project? No. Mini has strep. Why don't we try and memorize those multiplication tables, son? How about not because Mommy just threw up. Let's read together every night, snuggled on the couch. Except by 8:30 pm, we're all so exhausted that "together time" turns into "whining and crying time". I'm trying to be a good parent, I SWEAR I AM. But I am constantly thwarted by the cycle of getting sick/very sick/getting better.

I think someone in my house has been at some stage of the cycle since right before Thanksgiving. It's now February and I really need it to stop.  Here is the cycle (as it works in my house). If you have any trouble viewing it, just click to enlarge.

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  1. My cycle is the same but with a scraggly beard.
    It's shite!
    all the best.

  2. Omg I hear you! My son has been sick with one thing or another since AUGUST! On his third ear infection since thanksgiving as we speak...

  3. Story of my life, I have gallstones, its 2am I just begged the dr to send me home from hospital, why? Kid has croup third time in six months, the real chipper is it's fricking Febuary in NZ...Middle of summer heatwave here. How do you even get croup in a heat wave?

  4. TRUTH. My parents are always like "God, are you guys sick AGAIN?" Like I am doing something wrong that is making us this way. AS IF. I'll trade places with y'all for the season and see how well YOU fair. Stop making me all twitchy and send me a check to cover the co-pays, Nyquil, kids meds, juice, crackers, tissues, cleaning supplies, soup fixings and LOST WAGES. (I normally love my parents but this drives me to drinking.)

  5. Yes! We are in the middle of the cycle right now. 2 year old is feeling better from her cold just in time for 5 year old to start feeling like crap. And neither one of them will keep their grimey hands and germs away from their 6 wk old baby brother. He started coughing this morning. I keep wondering if people in warmer climates go through this as much since they don't have months of cold weather to deal with (we are in the midwest)... I am seriously considering joining the old people in Florida. :)

  6. We are either on the tail end of this cycle or the beginning. This is my hell....

  7. Sometimes I think children should be dipped in bleach before and after any event (including school) where they might come in contact with each other.

  8. Here's the deal. It starts out as a virus (which u take them to the doctor for) and then 2 days later it turns into strep/bronchitis/pneumonia/the flu and then you are BACK to the doctor all like, "see? i TOLD you!" to which the doctor replies "well it WAS only a virus 2 days ago"...

    ~Betty from NJ

    1. We end up in this terrible loop when they get sick or have a well visit and some really ill child is in the waiting room looking like they are about to audition for The Stand and then they get sick again and then we have to go back where some really sick child looks like they are about to audition for The Stand. ETC. Or my favorite, when my neighbor sends her kids over to play and they are sick. UM. NO. Delivering illness to my door is NOT COOL.

  9. This is so true. And it has been our house since November as well.

  10. You have my sympathy too. I've lived that cycle. I actually had what I'm dubbing the "man cold" last week. It truly felt like a cold, but I could not stay vertical for longer than 30 minutes. And the hubs was out of town. So in my awesomeness, I took the 3 yr old to drop in daycare when my mom was unable to help out. I rallied better after my c section than I did with that cold. I also had the realization that I'd gotten it from my son, whom I made go to school with it. But I've been through the endless cycle, and wanted to rig a Purell shower at every entrance to the house.

  11. Oh thank God. I'm not the only one who prays for strep.

  12. Omg. Meningitis- killed me. That's so me. And yes, we have been going through tissues by the gross....and it is so gross. Constant illness since September. I was hoping it was just because it was my oldest's first year in school. Next year will be better. Right?!?!

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