Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I Hate You, Cold & Flu Season

I recently wrote a post that was all about how I am terrible at parenting sick kids because I always do everything wrong. But recently I realized, it's not really my fault. BECAUSE WE ARE ALWAYS SICK and it's making me a little crazy. How can I possibly be a productive, nurturing, kind-voice-having mom when all I do is put out fires caused by people being sick?

Is this a good week to work on a science fair project? No. Mini has strep. Why don't we try and memorize those multiplication tables, son? How about not because Mommy just threw up. Let's read together every night, snuggled on the couch. Except by 8:30 pm, we're all so exhausted that "together time" turns into "whining and crying time". I'm trying to be a good parent, I SWEAR I AM. But I am constantly thwarted by the cycle of getting sick/very sick/getting better.

I think someone in my house has been at some stage of the cycle since right before Thanksgiving. It's now February and I really need it to stop.  Here is the cycle (as it works in my house). If you have any trouble viewing it, just click to enlarge.

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