Friday, February 15, 2013

Our Guru is Knocked Up! And Lots of Other Stuff!

Hey everybody!

It's us, Guru and Lydia! How the hell are you?

We've had a lot going on lately and in several different places. We figured maybe it was kind of hard to keep up with all our nonsense.

But the thing is, some of it is kind of important. Scratch that - REALLY IMPORTANT.  And most of you already know all about this but...

Our very own Guru Louise is pregnant! She's going to have baby #3 in June and we are so flipping excited about it. But there's more.

Much more...

First of all, she's writing about her pregnancy for Babble. Second, there's a lot you din't know about our very sweet Guru.

She wrote a cute intro post so everyone in the Babble world could get to know her--and you will probably learn some new things, too. (Editor's note: Some of them are happy and some of them are sad.)

And then she decided to tell you why she is finding out now if her baby is a boy or girl. She has her reasons.

She also decided to tell the world about her big, bad, scary medical past. Because birth control pills are secretly evil and Guru now needs her very own sharps container in her bedroom.

Want to know if Guru is having a boy or a girl...? I thought you might be curious.

Did you know you'll have to pry Guru's coffee cup out of her cold, dead hand? Oh, yes. Check it out.

Also Guru made a list of second trimester essentials. Tell us what she forgot or left out!

And finally, this chick went into labor and didn't know she was pregnant. What the frick. Seriously. She is making me look bad.

So Guru Louise's news is big. Lydia's updates are comparatively small.

Remember the letter to her kids that she wrote? Well HuffPost Parents picked it up and ran it and they declared that it had gone viral. Maybe not viral, more like "mildly contagious" - but nonetheless it did great over there. Check it out.

Lydia also went into her annual hustler/gangster/I-will-cutta-B mode. That's right, Girl Scout cookies are here. I'm not kidding you guys. Ask anyone who knows her in real life. Thumbelina and Lydia are out there MOVING PRODUCT and taking names like they were part of a cartel.  Which they sort of are... She wrote all about it right here.

If you're on bed rest, know someone on bed rest or just want to know what to do next time it pops on your radar? Check out these 21 totally inappropriate nut very useful things you can do for your friend on bed rest.

Not it's time for cuteness.  She found the most amazing puppy video ever, a dog adoption themed parody of Thrift Shop. OH EVEN YESSER. Finally a version my kids can watch.

Also, what in bloody heck is a Tarsier? Watch this hilarious video from our friends at Buzzfeed and find out.

And of course last night, Lydia posted a video called "Yes to Love" that will make you cry so hard you start heaving. It's really, really heartwarming and sweet. But be warned: even non-criers lost it watching this.

Lastly, we somehow got nominated for Parent's Magazine's best blogs contest. We're one of 5 finalists (the other four blogs are all AMAZING) in the category of "Most Likely to Make You Laugh".  If you want to vote for us, that would be great. You can vote once per day via Facebook until the 24th. But no pressure. If you feel like voting, just click on the groovy graphic below. It will take you to their FB app. Only if you feel like it. And if you have some time, check out the other funny finalists - they're all awesome.

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