Monday, February 11, 2013

Parents Magazine Say WHHAAAT?!

Parents Blog Award Finalist
I got an email last week from Parents Magazine telling me that Rants from MommyLand was a finalist in their best blog contest, in the category of "Most Likely to Make You Laugh". First, I was confused by this and was pretty sure it was some sort of mistake. Then I read it again and I realized that not only was it legit but that there were only 5 finalists. I'm going to talk a little more about them later.

As you know, I lost the ability to feel shame about 5 years ago while projectile vomiting in the Five Guys bathroom when I was pregnant with Mini. So it's not like I would be embarrassed to beg you to vote for me.

But here's the thing, I can honestly tell you that I hate these contests. I hate competing with people and being made to feel like it's all a big popularity contest. Back when Kate was around in 2010, we lobbied hard to win a contest like this and it was really cool when we won. But we felt weird about pimping ourselves. Another time (::coughcough:: Babble ::coughcough::) we lobbied hard, did well in the voting, and then got completely shut out for three years in a row because we apparently we suck. So since 2010, I've intentionally stayed far, far away from anything like this.

But this is Parents Magazine. It's a really big deal. And I swear I didn't nominate myself for this - in fact, it came as a total surprise. Actually, did one of you tell them about us? Do you guys have any idea how we ended up on their list? However it happened, I'm so grateful.

It would be really cool to win, and if you want to vote - that would be great! But no pressure because competing with people is just not what we're about here. So this post is officially not about begging you to vote. It's just to let you know what's going on and how we're really gleefully, pee-our-pants excited about being included.

So, if you want to - You can vote once per day until February 24th by clicking on the above image. It will take you to a Facebook app. Scroll down a little bit till you find "Most Likely to Make You Laugh".

Moving on to the important stuff. It's time for a few honest words about the other bloggers in all this. They're all really great. Since finding out we were finalists, we've all exchanged emails and internet high fives and virtual ass slaps. These are smart, hilarious and really nice women. I'm incredibly proud that I'm even considered to be in their league. You probably already know them, but here they are:

Crazy Mama Drama was a blog that was new to me. Let me just tell you that this woman's favorite word rhymes with "duck" and she posts pictures about how yoga pants are actually "sit on the couch and drink" pants. So clearly, we were meant to be friends. I'm going to go read all her stuff and then pretend like we know each other. I hope she doesn't mind.

Scary Mommy is pretty special. Jill Smokler, who writes it, is someone who I really look up to. She and I have "met" on-line several times over the past 3 years and she is unfailingly kind. If you ask anyone in the world of blogging, they will tell you the same thing - she is good people. Her blog, her book, her work to help families in need, and her constant efforts to promote and help other bloggers is really amazing. Sniffle - you go, Jill.

My Life and Kids is awesome. So awesome in fact that a couple of weeks ago - before any of this Parents Magazine business - when Anna asked me if she could send me a guest post I was like "HELLS TO THE YES" but then she emailed me back and said "my mom read the post and she told me that at least 3 members of our family have to die before I'm allowed to put that story on the internet." Anna is amazing and I heart her whole head.

Mommy Shorts has been one of my favorite blogs since 2010. I'm in awe of her. She writes great stuff, she has a million amazing charts, contests, ideas and other stuff that no one else is doing. Her blog is funny and unlike ours, actually provides useful information for parents. In addition to being a great writer, she's also excellent at all aspects of blogging. That blows my mind. Because until you get started, you don't realize that writing is just one part of this gig. I basically suck at every component of blogging except the part where I occasionally write a decent post. She is outstanding at all of it. She is also encouraging of other people's work and very generous with her time and talents. If you haven't read her stuff, you're missing out.

Just want to say a sincere thanks for reading & voting. Again, you click on the image below and it takes to you to their Facebook app.

Big, awkwardly long hug,

Parents Blog Award Finalist

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