Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Real World Valentines from our Readers

Yesterday I posted a bunch of Valentines for The Real World, after trying to find a card in the store and being horrified by #1) lameness and #2) cost. And you fine people proved once again that your are smarter and funnier than I am by giving me suggestions on some additional Valentines.

So without further ado, here are the reader-submitted Real World Valentines:

With thank for being awesome!
xoxo, Lydia

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  1. Hilarious !! I went and voted for you :-) xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Thanks for acting like "I kept the kid alive and did half a load of laundry" is a major accomplishment. (SAHD-to-working-mom version)

  3. Apparently my wife wrote 3 of these, and now I have to guess which ones. Suddenly a mine field in North Africa looks like child's play.

    1. Even if you get them all wrong, please tell your wife that Lydia said that you obviously are a wonderful man if you're even clicking over here to play along with us. Internet high five to you, Peter Gulka!

    2. I got two out of three!

  4. these make me so, so very happy. Is there a downloadable "Blank" for those who want to customize?

  5. Oh boy did I vote for you guys! If it weren't for RFML I'd have been a brain dead...(well even more than normal) Mommy with no sense of humor a long long time ago! Oh BTW these are awesome. <3 I heart you guys!

  6. Not only did I vote for you guys, but said publicly that you hookers RAWK!!

    So there!!

  7. "Thanks for watching the kids so I can go to the grocery store alone. You have no idea what a treat that is." Sad but true!

  8. I would like to add one to the pool - Happy Valentine's Day! I would never divorce you because it would leave me with way too much work and no one to help! =)

  9. Thank you for not turning me in to the psychiatric ward when I went crazy from being on bed rest for 13 weeks and you found me in the bathroom trying to break my water with chopsticks! I owe you!

  10. My husband and I played along and presented ours to each other in lieu of real cards last night. After reading his, I declared that he clearly WON Valentine's Day. These were his gems:
    "I am grateful that when imitating my voice to others, you chose Sylvester Stallone. Edith Bunker would be much less enjoyable."
    "Thank you for not demanding that we chose players that you have heard of, or from your favorite teams until after the 10th round of the fantasy football draft. It really makes a difference."
    Those one over mine:
    "You are never sexier than when handing me the remote...except when you are pouring me a glass of wine."
    Thanks for the fun, Mommyland!!




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