Friday, February 22, 2013

Something Entirely Different for Us Today

I did not have a good idea for a post today. So I sat down at my computer and just tried to make some magic happen. When that didn't work, I got lost on the internet for a while (2 hours) mostly looking at gifs (moving images/graphic thingees) and Tumblrs (which are like blogs for people that are cooler and younger than me) and playing Candy Crush Saga. After a while, panic started to set in. I was accomplishing NOTHING.

So I tried again to write post for you guys but I was lacking inspiration. 

And since actual writing wasn't working out for me, I decided to try something new. A kind of round up, but with gifs. Here we go, hookers...

I got a sponsored post! And when I found out I got to be part of a campaign with Minute Maid, I was like this:

Check it out right here, you guys. This year, I'm going to get my juice or die trying. Also, last I checked only about 5 people had read it, so you'd really be doing me a solid if you checked it out.

I also wrote a post about nearly having rage black outs. One was caused by a racist old jerk who hit a baby on a plane and also about these awful shoes called "Daddy's Money" that are the worst things ever. I want to go to the Skechers office and be like: "Daddy's Money?! Really?! GAHHHH!!! Make them all go away right now!"

And then I read this comment from AmyMo on that post:
"I was livid, LIVID about that drunken bag of rotted cantaloupe touching that beautiful little baby on the plane.... You made my day with the "Wolverine" battle cry though. I would have been screaming, "Stay golden pony boy!!" as the air marshalls tasered you."
And I literally LOL'ed and thought about how much I love everyone who hangs out with me in Mommyland. And then I saw that Anna from An Inch of Gray has been reading here, too and I did a little dance about it because she is amazing and I love her:

Guru Louise was over at Babble this week talking about an Alabama lawmaker who said something weird about babies inside of pregnant ladies and Guru was all like:

And she also wrote about how she told her best friend and husband that she's pregnant. It looked a lot like this:

And yesterday I wrote about how my husband travels all the time and I mentioned that I knew my whining would make people want to face punch me. Then I got a comment from a woman whose husband is currently in Afghanistan and she was all - "Yah. I do want to punch you in the face, you big whiner." I imagine she's doing this right now:

And I read her whole comment, and I was all: "She's totally right! I suck!" (like a big baby).

But it's cool. That's part of the internet and I asked for it. And anyone whose husband has been deployed 7 times is a total bad ass in my book and has earned the right to face-punch me.

And speaking of the internet! When Guru Louise and I got the email a couple of weeks ago about being finalists for the Parents Magazine blog awards, we were like this:

And there's actually a chance we could win! The voting ends on Sunday and if it actually happens... This will be me ALL THE TIME:

So if you feel like voting for us, click on the groovy graphic below. It will take you to their FB app. We're in the category of "Most Likely to Make You Laugh".  No pressure though. Only if you feel like it. Voting ends on Sunday.

Parents Blog Award Finalist

I took a bunch of these gifs from my favorite Tumblr When in Academia, which you totally check out if your life has anything at all to do with a college campus.

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  1. You're awesome! Congrats on your great week!! Meanwhile, maybe your readers can help save the whale? I even started a FB page.

  2. I loved your OJ article. SO TRUE! Good luck! May you stay motivated and may your body reward you with endorphins galore so that the "starting" part gets easier :)

  3. I love the expression of the person at the bottom right in the triangle woman one. And I, too, understand the precious quality of orange juice.

  4. I dunno. I still don't think you deserve a virtual face punch. Yes, I totally get where she is coming from and she (and her family) deserves about a million high fives for getting through her husband's deployments. BUT...we all (or most of us) adjust to what we have to. If your husband were suddenly whisked away for a year or two, you would handle it. You wouldn't like it, but you would handle it.

    Telling me I can't whine because someone has it worse is like telling me I can't be happy because someone has it better. (Totally stolen and paraphrased from some corner of the internets. It's probably a famous quote written by a very deep person, and I look like a douchecanoe, but I haven't had coffee yet and I'm not looking it up. Not to mention, it's equally possible I read it on one of those eCards on Pinterest.)

    And for the record, I liked the .gif post. Have you read Katrina Lumsden's .gif review of 50 Shades of Grey? If not, you must.

    1. My husband was deployed the first year of my daughters life, and I was a first time Mom, AND I'm also active duty, but you know what? I survived. Did I roll my eyes in private when a friend was upset her husband was on a business trip for a week and she was depressed? Of course. Did I offer my sympathy and total understanding to her face? Well sure, she's got it hard, too. I agree. Everyone has a different level of "hard". If I were her, that would be suck a whole lot having never experienced what it was like doing it on my own. My situation wasn't worse and her's wasn't better, it was just different.

  5. This is hilarious! Thanks for the shout out. I think I need to start drinking orange juice again.xo

  6. My husband (grad student in philosophy) and I just spent WAY too long paging through When in Academia - thank you SO much for some well needed laughs!

  7. A reminder from Tim Minchin that "Some People Have It Worse Than I" (note: lots of naughty words)

  8. god that panda is awesome. i love him.

  9. Fun post, and awesome, grownup response to misery poker. Well done!

  10. Oh my gosh, that baby. I just got my ab workout for the day laughing at that.




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