Wednesday, March 20, 2013

10 First World Problems of a Preschooler

Recently I've been pretty stressed out about stuff in my personal life...we are moving out of our starter house and I'm juggling a lot of work and there is just a lot going on. But each time I feel overwhelmed I try to take a step back and remind myself that these are first world problems. As in...oh, Poor Guru're stressed out about your two fantastic part-time jobs and needing to buy a bigger house? Boo-fing-HOO.

A while ago we did a couple really fun posts about Mommy's First World Problems. We had you guys submit ideas and they were hilarious. And last week I decided to re-read your submissions again to remind myself that I am an asshat who has the best possible types of problems.

Anyway, when I revisited recently I started thinking about my four year-old daughter and the stuff that rubs her keister the wrong way. She is a happy, healthy, fortunate little girl but some stuff just pisses her off. So I give you: First World Problems of a Preschooler:

1. All my crayons broke in half and my play-dough is dried out.

2. My mom is scatterbrained and forgot to DVR Bubble Guppies

3. Dad bought the regular goldfish crackers when all I eat now is the rainbow kind. Sigh.

4. I drew a picture of my mommy pooping on the potty and brought it in for show and tell and mommy got all snippy about it.

5. My preschool teacher keeps addressing us all as “friends” (e.g. “OK, friends, let’s clean up the art table!”) And all I keep thinking is: we’re not really friends until I’ve tried to give your dog a haircut.

6. My friend wanted to play regular Candyland instead of Princess Candyland. <Eyeroll>

7. My favorite song is that awesome Flo Rida one about the whistle but every time it comes on the radio my Dad starts frantically punching the buttons in the minivan and saying bad words under his breath.

8. My mom said new babies come from a special section of Target, but I know all the aisles in that store and I suspect she doesn’t know where babies come from.

9. My little brother keeps hogging the iPad when it is obviously my turn.

10. My favorite Camelbak water bottle does not fit in the cup holder in our new minivan.

A long time ago we realized you guys are actually way funnier and smarter than us... So we want to know, what are your favorite First World Problems of a Preschooler? Leave them in the comments and Lydia and I will compile our favorites! Remember when we worked with our buddy Mommy Shorts to make a First World Problems Mommy Edition? We can do the same thing for preschoolers - check it out!

Guru Louise

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