Friday, March 29, 2013

Guru Does the Ugly Cry and Lydia Got Pee in Her Phone

Oh yes, it's time for a round-up!

Let's get all caught-up on what's happening with Guru. Did you know she is moving in a few weeks? Yeah! Except she has no where to go. Boo! So she is doing the opposite of nesting.

And then Guru's son turned the big 3! And Guru discussed how his birthday is her real Mother's Day.

Guru has surrendered to her coffee addiction during pregnancy and even found some funny coffee mugs to commemorate her condition.

Also, have you guys ever experienced this pregnancy symptom called dysgeusia? It is gross and Guru has it and it sucks.

And finally, Guru Louise, who, like Kate, is not a crier, had pregnant-lady-breakdowns over two things this week:

1. Expectant parents Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell are officially the cutest couple ever and made Guru seriously ugly cry for hours.

2. Oh my Maude, have you guys seen this commercial on TV?! Someone should have warned me first. I am a sobbing mess when I saw it last night.

Also, did you guys read the book that Lydia is in?! I read it on the plane to Texas last week and I definitely did that muffled snort thing you do when you're trying not to laugh out loud in public.

Here's what Lydia has been up to!

Have you ever thought about starting a mom blog? Here is what Lydia thinks you should think about first.

Do you have a mom blog already? Well here are the worst mistakes Lydia made a new blogger.

Our buddy Eric made up some hilarious slides (like these) and they're right here.

Lydia and the Cap'n like to name people and animals. And their ideas are really, really special. For example, here's what we would name an ocelot: Beyoncelot.  Click here for more.

I wrote up the unfortunate incident involving a wolf spider and why phone ended up in the potty. It's actually very funny and gross. There's also a meme. It's here.

Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate! Please remember, you are not a bad parent if you steal and eat your children's candy. That's normal.

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  1. Love the coffee mugs! I'm 6 months pregnant and had a co-worker ask me the other day "are you sure you should be drinking that"? Is there a mug for that, ha! Maybe "Baby needs the real stuff"?
    Great blog tips too!

  2. Ok, so you want to talk about Ugly Crying? New State Farm commercial I just saw the other day:

  3. so... after reading here for 2 yrs or more, I just have to accept- there is no unique content here unless it is for your own charity purposes- this site is just a link to other pages for google rankings and links to babble pages. where they pay I guess, and that is a good thing, terrific blog writers should get paid. I WANT you to get paid Lydia, but none of the great writing and humour is here now, I can't find my way around babble at all, so I am e taking you off my bookmark list and going to find more australian bloggers. thank you though, it was fantastic while it lasted.

    1. Thank you for your honesty. Just so you know - we haven't done anything charity related in over 3 months. We only do round-ups of Babble and other stuff every 2 or 3 weeks and I have no idea how google rankings work. Seriously. None. Babble tried to teach me about something called "search engine optimization" and I couldn't figure it out. Something about how you tags the posts? So if the google rankings part was annoying to you, please know that if I did that it was not on purpose. Sorry to lose you, but hopefully after 2 years here you know that you're always welcome. And a sincere and heartfelt thank you for hanging out with us here for two years. That's awesome.
      xoxo, Lydia

    2. Lydia & Guru Louise,
      I honestly hope you take a good look at the above comment & think about how the content on this blog has changed in the last couple of years. I've noticed it too, that it seems more and more that content that used to be on this page is now "teased" on this page with a link to Babble, or posts look like someone thought "we haven't posted in a while. Let's throw something up quick with a bunch of links imbedded in it." And now there's posts sponsored by products. I haven't left yet, but I visit much less frequently than I used to, because there's so little content anymore.

    3. Hi TL,
      Thanks for your feedback. I'll echo what Lydia said above--we only do round-ups twice a month but I can see you don't enjoy them. The only way we can keep Rants going is by working at these other blogging jobs and occasionally doing sponsored posts. That's how we pay the bills. I do understand how you feel... unfortunately, it's hard these days to find a successful blogger who isn't doing some type of marketing or promotion--be it for their new book, a sponsored post, a giveaway, etc. Being a professional blogger these days means working with brands and bigger sites.
      I hope you stick around!
      xoxo Guru

    4. You know what? I LIKE these posts. I can barely figure babble out, so being able to just clicky-clicky and see what I want instead of trudging through posts on babble that aren't that awesome is a plus for me.

      As a busy mom it can be tough to keep up with all the blogs I read so if once or twice a month y'all post a veritable goldmine of funny a$$ posts then more power to you because it's super convenient when I'm rocking my Only Sleeps When Held baby to just side-click whatever looks interesting into a few separate tabs and close them as I go.

      Keep on keepin' on, Mommyland.

  4. Guru, I felt your pain with moving whit a newborn! We moved across the country (east to west) with our 3 week old dd and 2 cats to live in an apartment for 6-8 mo (hubby was in flight training). After he was finished we moved across the country AGAIN, south to north this time. When we got to MT there was a LONG wait list for on-base housing, so we "lived" with friends for a few weeks and then went to an extended stay hotel. And the best part....hubs was gone for most of this.

    Currently, we're back across the country (NM) for more temp training on our way to AZ. Our girls are now 3 1/2 and 1 1/2.

    Enough to drive me crazy?? Absolutely. But I wouldn't change it for the world!

  5. Thanks for great posts on blogging. I'm just starting out & this is really helpful, honest advice. I was especially glad to read the quality over quantity part. I was worried about finding time to churn out content & don't want family time to suffer!

  6. I am sitting on my potty trying desperately not to the the ugly-Mommy-to-be-cry after seeing that picture. I am due May 2nd with my first child and I would give just about anything to be able to see the look on my grandfathers face as he felt my baby move... I lost him March 21st 2005 and he was my hero. It breaks my heart that he will never hold my son and my son will know the strongest man I have ever known. But thank you for posting that picture. It reminded me that even though he is gone, he will never be forgotten so long as I keep him in my heart. Oh no, here comes more ugly crying...

  7. Re the bus commercial. I knew the one you were talking about even before clicking the link because I was SOBBING the other night after it came on. Didn't help matters that we are in the middle of sleep training.

  8. SO I'm super late to this party, but yeah I'm pregnant too (28 weeks woo!!!) and I also cannot control my coffee addiction. I managed to control my laughter when they told me I should "avoid caffeine" .... until I got in the car. Then I pulled into a Chick fil A and bought myself MORE coffee and was like "Suck it, Fancy" and toasted them with my caffeinated beverage.

    Because if mama's not happy, baby's not happy. They also told me stress is bad and coffee helps with stress. Right? *sips coffee*




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