Friday, March 29, 2013

Guru Does the Ugly Cry and Lydia Got Pee in Her Phone

Oh yes, it's time for a round-up!

Let's get all caught-up on what's happening with Guru. Did you know she is moving in a few weeks? Yeah! Except she has no where to go. Boo! So she is doing the opposite of nesting.

And then Guru's son turned the big 3! And Guru discussed how his birthday is her real Mother's Day.

Guru has surrendered to her coffee addiction during pregnancy and even found some funny coffee mugs to commemorate her condition.

Also, have you guys ever experienced this pregnancy symptom called dysgeusia? It is gross and Guru has it and it sucks.

And finally, Guru Louise, who, like Kate, is not a crier, had pregnant-lady-breakdowns over two things this week:

1. Expectant parents Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell are officially the cutest couple ever and made Guru seriously ugly cry for hours.

2. Oh my Maude, have you guys seen this commercial on TV?! Someone should have warned me first. I am a sobbing mess when I saw it last night.

Also, did you guys read the book that Lydia is in?! I read it on the plane to Texas last week and I definitely did that muffled snort thing you do when you're trying not to laugh out loud in public.

Here's what Lydia has been up to!

Have you ever thought about starting a mom blog? Here is what Lydia thinks you should think about first.

Do you have a mom blog already? Well here are the worst mistakes Lydia made a new blogger.

Our buddy Eric made up some hilarious slides (like these) and they're right here.

Lydia and the Cap'n like to name people and animals. And their ideas are really, really special. For example, here's what we would name an ocelot: Beyoncelot.  Click here for more.

I wrote up the unfortunate incident involving a wolf spider and why phone ended up in the potty. It's actually very funny and gross. There's also a meme. It's here.

Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate! Please remember, you are not a bad parent if you steal and eat your children's candy. That's normal.

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