Thursday, March 28, 2013

Help This Woman: I Want to Kick Her Taco

We got this email recently and we're asking all of you to help this woman (who is so obviously awesome). Check it out and if you have any good ideas for her, please leave her a comment.

Dear Guru and Lydia,

I need some advice. My husband is friends with a very nice man whose wife has a permanent case of raging B. I've tried avoiding them. Not hanging out in situations where they are there. It's just not happening. I always end up around them. 

The raging B is absolutely horrid to my three year old son who has autism. She teases him. We were at a party on Friday. My son was trying to get a piece of fruit and a cracker. She told him to go away and took the food away from him. I was irate and made sure he got his snacks.  

I've tried playing nice. I'm almost to the point of field goal kicking her in the taco. I need some advice on how to deal with this beezy because I cannot avoid her and the hubs has verboten the taco kicking.


-Anonymous Mom

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