Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I Rule at Peeps

Image taken from the Peeps website.
Guess what, you guys? This post is sponsored by Peeps. Hopefully they don't hate it because as you know, I am very bad at editing myself.

I love Peeps. My kids are completely loco for them as well. So when Peeps sent me a huge, ginormous box full of all different colors of them, I suddenly became the coolest mom on Earth planet. My goal was to do different fun stuff with my kids and the Peeps and then take pictures and write about it, like a real, grown up, professional mommy blogger.

Of course that didn't work at all because obviously.

My first attempt to be a real mommy blogger was to encourage my daughters to play with their Peeps. We're really into fairy houses around these parts and we thought we'd put the Peeps in the fairy houses near all the beautiful spring flowers and play with them and take pictures and it would be magical!

So I carried all the fairy houses out to where the little girls told me to put them, and watched them arrange the Peeps all over them. This the result:
By the way, the fairy houses are cheapo bird houses we bought at the craft store and painted. After spending maybe 3 minutes taking pictures, I turned around and my daughters inside the house, shivering, glaring at me, and taking off their shoes and socks. I was like: "HEY! Weren't we going to play fairy house?" and they were like, "You play fairy house. It's cold and it's wet out there and we're mad because now we can't eat those Peeps because one time we saw Brady pee near those flowers last year."

So I cleaned it all up and came inside. The kids were watching TV and ignoring me until I said "Who wants to make Peeps Rice Krispie treats?!"

They all ran into the kitchen and we spent a few minutes getting all the stuff out and looking over all the beautiful pictures on Pinterest. We started slowly cooking the butter and the 35 Peeps and suddenly everything took a right turn into sucktown. You know why? Because sugar burns. And I had just burned 35 peeps (that's 7 boxes) into a scary acrid mess.

The Peep krispie treats that were supposed to be all pastelly, swirly, and lovely instead were a weird blackish burnt color. And the smell. Ever burnt a marshmallow while roasting it over a fire? That's what I did on the stove. And don't even talk to me about trying to clean the burnt, blackened, hardened sugar off of the pot. And no one who eat the treats when they were done. In part because the burnt sugar made them kind of sharp and brittle. Sigh... I hate you, Pinterest. See for yourself:

So whatever. I gave up for a while. I let my 9 year old make "Peepicorns" by sticking toothpicks in the middle of their foreheads and then freezing them and eating them like popsicles.

After I put everyone to bed and came downstairs, I stared at the Peeps in a sad and dejected fashion. My husband, the fantastic and handsome Cap'n Coupon, looked upon me with pity and told me to make myself a drink. I nodded, agreeing that was a good idea. He looked at me with pity again. "Make yourself a PEEPS drink, genius."

So I did. And it was AWESOME.

I actually made 2 different Peeps cocktails: a mint julep and a mojito. Both drinks have a base of either a simple syrup (1 part sugar dissolved into 1 part water)  or sugar "muddled" into mint at the bottom of the glass. I decided to make a simple syrup with Peeps and then throw a few mint leaves in there, because I'm bad at muddling. I've tried it and I always do it wrong. You might not think muddling is hard but you would be wrong. 

I used:
  • 1 1/4 cups water
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 4 peeps
I slowly cooked them until the sugar and the Peeps dissolved into a thick boiling liquid. I whisked it non-stop so it wouldn't burn. It looked like this. Then I added 15 fresh mint leaves and let them steep in the syrup until it cooled.

What I ended up with was this thick, sweet, clear green syrup with a strong mint taste and smell. It got that wonderful color from using 2 yellow and blue Peeps (presumably you could also just use green Peeps).

For the Peep Julep, I added:
  • Lots of ice, 
  • A couple of tablespoons of the minty syrup, 
  • 1 ounce of bourbon, and
  • A Peep garnish. 

It was delicious. The Cap'n loved it too and we decided that this year we will watch the Kentucky Derby and make them again. Here's a picture of how it turned out:

Then I made the Mojito. Oh my dear sweet baby lemur. It was the most delicious beverage I have ever had. The Cap'n was like: "Mojitos are kind of girly drinks, sweetie. I'm not really interested in tasting it. Ok, just one sip then... glug glug glug glug... That is so good. And so refreshing. They should sell these on the golf course in the summer when it's really hot. I seriously didn't want to like that drink but it's awesome... glug glug glug..." So I high-fived myself and made another.

I used the following to make it:
  • Lots of ice
  • 1-2 tbspns of the simple Peep syrup
  • The juice of 1/2 a lime
  • 1/2 a can of seltzer 
  • 1 ounce of good rum
  • I garnished with lime and a Peep. 

I had some of minty, green syrup left over and I added a teaspoon to my Irish Breakfast tea and it was incrediballs. I think it would make really great ice tea, too but I haven't had time to try it yet.

I want to thank the fine folks at Peeps for sponsoring this post and sending me so many of their colorful confections and thereby making my kids think I'm cool. Check out this fun commercial they made that lists all the great things you can do with Peeps. (DUDES, you can make s'mores with them  - they're called s'meeps.)

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  1. Dear JustBorn People: I *love* Peeps and I *love* this post! Cordially, a Frequent Peep Consumer (I am the sort to steal them from my children, if you need to put me in a specific demographic)

  2. My sister actually tried making homemade Peeps for me for my 31st birthday and they were outstanding! I wonder if I could get her to make them again so I can make smeeps out of them ...

  3. Totally get the Pinterest thing. So many fabulous ideas, so many epic fails....

  4. Totally get the Pinterest thing, so many fabulous ideas, so many epic fails....

  5. See, everything is better with booze.

  6. Ha! I was all jealous of your perfect fairy house wonderland until the kids got grumpy and came inside. THANK YOU for that!

  7. There needs to be a Regretsy for Pinterest. Whoever does this; you're welcome.

    1. I believe it's called "Pintester". Tagline: F***ing up pins so you don't have to.


    2. It's called Pintester. Tagline: F***ing up Pinterest pins so you don't have to.


  8. *SLOW CLAP* Wow! I'm so impressed!! I totally want to try this!

  9. I've always loved Peeps also, and have been making my own at home for the last three years. Definitely amazeballs and so easy!

  10. Did the Mojito have the peep syrup in it? I may be just missing it, but I didn't see how much you put in. Looks AMAZING!!!

  11. Best way to use peeps: Steal package from child's Easter Basket. Remove plastic. Let peeps get as stale as possible. Eat. Lick finger and use it to eat any coloured-sugar residue in the little carton. And there you have it!

  12. Way to be creative with the drinkie-poo's! Also, its WAY easier to make Rice Krispie treats in the microwave! Melt the butter and marshmallows (or peeps) for 90 seconds. They will be HUGE and fluffy, then stir in the cereal! EASY PEASY! and perfect every time!

  13. I love you so much that it should be illegal. Please move near me. Also, peeps are really fun to explode in the microwave. If you put toothpicks in first they can fence - feel free to place appropriate bets.
    Tracy @ Momaical

  14. The fairly houses are cute, but I would eat raw liver before I ate a peep.

  15. The absolute best thing to do with Peeps is by far Peep Jousting. Take two different color Peeps and insert a toothpick into each of their chests. Put them on a paper plate facing each other. Tell everyone in the room to pick their Peep and place bets on who will win. Then put them in the microwave and zap them on high until one Peep expands enough to jab the other with its toothpick spear.

    I promise it's way more entertaining than it sounds.

  16. Australian here...what the heck are peeps??

    1. Depends on who you ask. They are either the best thing in the world or the most disgusting.

      They are chick-shaped marshmallows covered in colored sugar, once upon a time only sold around Easter, but they have morphed into many other holiday shapes (and with flavors).


    2. Thanks...I suspect it's a good thing they aren't here, I have no will power and would make myself ill

  17. What? No peepshi??


    My parents made these once for my rugrats... talk about sugar-bomb overload!! But they WERE cute.

  18. Now adding this to my "things to do with Peeps and booze" list. The Laughing Squid also posted something about making peep-infused vodka.

    This is going to be a very happy Easter.




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