Tuesday, March 12, 2013

15 Things Kid Should Not Do While Pooping

Kids and bathroom stuff... It never ends.

I came across an old blog post yesterday that talked about how my kids did a lot of crazy stuff while going to the bathroom. And all I could think was "THIS WAS TWO WHOLE ENTIRE YEARS AGO?!" Because sadly, nothing has really changed.

Every once in a while, a small person will be in there, ostensibly for the purposes of pooping. Then I'l hear a CRASH, quickly followed by a little voice hollering "I'M OK! It's all right!"

What the hell is going on in there? Why is there crashing and things going thud?

So here is a list 15 things that kids should NOT do while pooping. I thought it might be educational for my kids, so I read it to them and they just thought it was funny. Because you know,  poop.

(If you have trouble reading the graphic, just click to enlarge it)

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