Friday, March 15, 2013

Lydia Can Die Now and Guru is Traveling!

Are you ready for a round up?!

Lydia contributed to an amazing anthology of funny essays on motherhood called I Just Want to Pee Alone. It's doing really, really well. I mean, Lydia kind of feels like she could die now. Because look:

If you want to find out more about the other hilarious bloggers who were part of the book, you can check this out. All of these women are funny and talented, some of them so much so that I'm terrified if you click on their blogs you will never come back here because they are THAT good.

In case you were wondering, my essay is about seeing a Hollywood super star on a plane and my reaction to that. Of course, I would not handle that situation with grace or dignity so don't even worry about it.

Here are some quotes:

Onto furry animals and my obsession with watching YouTube videos that feature cuteness. Gather your kids around and check these ones out:

My dog Brady losing it because he loves being scratched and petted so much. He's a huge weirdo so he's really the perfect dog for me.

This dog snoring exactly like Donald Duck.

Teddy the Talking Porcupine sending us St. Patrick's Day greetings. 

Guru Louise has been so super busy, you guys. Last week she noticed that she was sharing some eerily similar qualities with her 2 year-old son. And she wrote about it and people seemed to agree, it's not just Guru. It's all pregnant ladies.

Then Guru went on to discuss one of the grosser things she has experienced as a pregnant lady: feeling a stretch mark form. ::gag::

She also found some really pretty pregnancy journals. Which she has never had the time or patience to complete herself...but these are so, so pretty!

And she told a funny story about how she had to take her two kids maternity dress shopping and almost got really pissy at one of the other pregnant ladies there. I don't think anyone wants to see a pissed-off six months pregnant Guru Louise lumbering around a store. Not pretty.

Finally, Guru Louise is dusting off her suitcases next week and going on her first work trip in 6 years. Her awesome company is sending her to the Blissdom conference in Dallas, TX!!! Are any of you going?? If so, leave her message on her Facebook wall and she will try to track you down and give you a high five and an ass slap.

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