Friday, March 8, 2013

Lydia is Trying to be a Nicer Mommy

Would you take advice from this woman?
I wrote a post for Babble about trying to be a better mom. HEY, AT LEAST I'M TRYING. We all know I'm kind of a train wreck. But this year I'm really working on it.

So I made a list of five little things I could do to be a better, nicer parent and I've been trying them out for a couple of months. And last week I went on TV and talked about my progress.

Seriously, try to ignore my chins because some of this stuff is actually working.

xoxo, Lydia

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  1. I loved this! Such great advice and you are too funny!

  2. Your video clips never work on my IPhone. :(

  3. My 18 month old acted like I was the worst mummy in the world because I wouldn't let her play in the recycle bin. She wanted to play 'grown up' by pretending to drink out of empty Pepsi cans. I'm trying to be a nice and reasonable mummy, but kid logic always wins out.

  4. The nice thing is that it also works for teenagers:
    - stop saying 'in a minute' when they ask for your attention: easy, they do not ask for your attention any more...
    - if I can't see you, I can't hear you: you'll get texts instead
    - explain when you say no: true but you'll need to stand on your grounds firmly (No you cannot have a motorbike because I want you to remain alive; no you cannot hitchhike back home in the middle of the night because I want you to remain alive) strangely the main reason now is wanting them to remain alive
    - greet them like a labrador: easy, you're so happy that they remained alive
    - last thing they hear each night is I love you: easy, only maybe you won't be the one who told them

    Thanks for your great blog, Lydia, and please excuse my poor English, I am not a native speaker





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