Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Name Guru's Minivan!

You guys, it happened. We bought a minivan last weekend.

I wrote all about how it made me feel over at Babble. I'm having a love/hate relationship with this vehicle. On the one hand, it is probably the nicest thing I've ever driven. It has TVs in it and a remote to unlock and open the doors and SO many cupholders. I loooove that stuff. It's also nice that I will now be able to bring my new baby home from the hospital in June, since my old car (a sedan) didn't have room for a third car seat.

But on the other hand, it's a minivan. I just feel like such a mom when I see it in the driveway. When my husband first looked inside he joyfully proclaimed, "Wow! This thing has so much space we could have another THREE kids...!" I think that was about the moment when my uterus slammed shut and I started to feel a wee bit mad at the minivan. Stupid minivan. Now look what you've got my husband daydreaming about!

But, no. I don't mean it. I love you, minivan. I love all your amazing features and I love that I can finally offer to pick up my friends' kids from school and I love that you have room for my kids' bikes in the back. MWAH!

So, as a way to make peace with this new chapter of my motor vehicle life, I need your help, Mommyland. Help me name my minivan! It has been sitting in my driveway all weekend with no plates and today is officially its first day on the road because I sucked it up and suffered through the wait at the RMV yesterday with my two kids.

This was an actual conversation that took place in my house about this topic:

Guru: Hey  guys, what should we name our new van?
4yo Girl: How about Minnie Van?
2yo Boy: No, it's MICKEY Van.
Husband: How about we call it...The Panic Wagon.

Siiiiiigh. Please, please, please help me find the perfect name for it! Photo above.

Guru Louise
This is what the RMV looked like at 7:45am, with my two kids in tow. I only survived thanks to dum-dum lollipops.

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