Sunday, May 5, 2013

It's Almost Mother's Day!

Last year, we decided to rethink Mother's Day. We ended up doing some pretty amazing stuffThis year, we hope you'll give it up all over again because it's time to hook some muthas up. This Mother's Day, we want to help women living in homeless and domestic violence shelters. 

We're are in awe of the strength and bravery it takes to leave an abusive situation. To lose everything and rebuild your life. To overcome something horrible and fight your way back. To confront addiction and work every day to beat it. These women deserve something on Mother's Day and they probably won't get a thing. That ain't right and we want to help. 

We're doing an awesome project with Naughty Betty and Sweet Relish that will crack you up and raise money for these families. More on this in the weeks to come. But right now, we want to invite you to the 2nd Annual Mother's Day Stuffing Party! If you don't live close enough to make it, just throw your own! We'll even help.

You and your kids and your friends and your cute husband and anyone who wants to come and spread some awesomeness. 

A party and donation drive to make Mother's Day gifts for women in homeless and domestic violence shelters. 

Monday, May 6th from 5-7pm 
From 5-6 we'll collect & sort donations & write cards for the moms 
From 6-7 we'll stuff bags & get them ready to donate
We'll have kids activities the whole time, including opportunities for them to volunteer!

Fairfax Presbyterian Church, 10723 Main Street, Fairfax, VA 22030 
What should I bring?
We worked with the staff at the shelters to come up with a list of items. There's a lot of stuff on here that these moms need (shampoo, tampons) and also some they want (gum, nail polish). Click here for the sign-up genius and to see the donations list. 

If you can't afford to donate anything, but you still want to help, then bring your booty down! We need volunteers, too - to serve lemonade and write cards and help us sort the donations and do that thing with the tissue paper on top of the bags to make it all pretty.

What about the kids?
BRING THEM. In fact, get them involved in the giving. Take them shopping with you when you buy the donation items. Talk about how much a new bottle of shampoo costs. Talk about how some things we take for granted, other people would be really grateful for. 

We're also asking kids to donate their gently used, freshly laundered stuffed animals and backpacks/tote bags. Talk to your children about what it means to be homeless. About how scary it might be for a kid to leave their home and all their stuff behind to stay in a shelter with their mom. And how when they arrive at the shelter or the safe house with nothing, sometimes they get a bag with stuff in it - a teddy bear to snuggle, some clean socks, some crayons. Think about what that bag of stuff would mean to that child. 

Your kid could be the hero that donates the bag.

Of course if they just want to play, that's cool! THERE WILL BE ROMPING AND FROLICKING, YOU GUYS. They'll have a blast running around and we have fully trained babysitting Girl Scout troops there to provide childcare.

Lydia, you're a big stupid. I live far away from you.
So what? Get on a plane! Just kidding. Listen, we totally copied this idea from one of our gorgeous and brilliant readers last year and threw the whole thing together in a week. Why don't you copy it from us?* Call a friend, buy some of the stuff on this list, and drop it off at the shelter. Ask your Bunko group to do it with you (heh heh, do it with you). If you don't have any money to buy stuff, volunteer some of your time. If you don't have any time or money, reach out to a mom who you know is struggling and LIFT HER UP somehow. Send her your best wishes or prayers. Write her an email telling her that you get it. That you see her. That you think she's amazing and special.

Mother's Day can be disappointing and weird sometimes. But not when you make it about something REAL and something really awesome. When you do that, all of a sudden Mother's Day means everything. Please hop on board this crazy train with us. 

xo, Lydia, Kate & Guru Louise (who is hugely, adorably pregnant and about to move - so she can't join us)

*(BTW, check the comments section to see if someone in your area want to set something up.) 
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  1. Women helping women and training kids to be generous and compassionate...THIS is why I love you hookers!

  2. Wish I could be there again this year! I am in the same situation as Guru Louise (hugely, but not adorably in my case, pregnant) and on modified bed rest. I'll be thinking about you all!!!

  3. Anyone setting something up in Austin, TX?

  4. anyone doing something in S. NH/MA? If so, please email me directly:

  5. I love this so much, I'm gonna marry it. I'm not in your area so I sadly cannot attend :-(

    I don't see toothpaste and toothbrushes on your list? I've heard that these items can be lacking in shelters as well...

  6. Hey, Seattle gals! Let's do this!

  7. How funny that you mention this! I'm way ahead of you. Just this past week I donated to my local domestic violence shelter:
    - a bassinet
    - two boxes of maternity clothes
    - four boxes of 0-3 months baby clothes
    - a suitcase of women's sweaters
    - a bag of baby bottles
    - a box of infant toys

    Never felt better! :)

  8. Can't do much right now, but I did blog about you. If there is anyone in Jeff city MO doing something, I would be thrilled to help!

  9. If anyone wants to donate locally in Northeast Mass/Southern NH this is a great organization!

  10. I'm putting together small gift bags for women in a transitional housing complex in S.NH. I'll be assembling them 5/9 or 5/10 if anyone wishes to donate. There are only 10 women so hopefully we can make this happen.

  11. I'm stealing your idea, too! We have a small shelter so we'll spread the love in Ontario, Canada! Thanks for the continuous laughs and great ideas!

    1. Where in ontario? If I'm nearby I'd love to help.

  12. Lydia. you are the awesomest!

  13. I organized some friends, my sisters and mom to donate stuff to our local domestic violence shelter in Alexandria, VA. I have a lot of loot to drop off this week. Thanks for the idea and motivation! I love that you all help push us to do good for others. Happy Mother's Day!

  14. Trying to get my moms group to do this in Southern Cali. Thanks for the idea, now just to get these flakes to show up:-)

  15. Doing this in Sunny San Diego, Ca

    If interested can email

  16. I'm trying to organize something in Provo, Utah if anyone is interested. I'm just one! Please help!

  17. Anyone in the Lexington KY area?




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