Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Yoga Pants Song

You know of my love for yoga pants, right? Do you share this love too?

Watch this video.

I saw it on my friend's Facebook feed and so of course I clicked through and watched it.  And then promptly lost 35 minutes of my life watching a bunch of this guy's stand-up videos. (To learn more about Tim Hawkins, click here. )

I like yoga pants. I like things that are stupid. Therefore, THIS SONG IS PERFECT FOR ME.

xo, Lydia

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  1. This was the BEST THING EVER! I immediately posted it on my husband's Facebook wall, because of this conversation (which I also posted on Facebook) that happened last week:

    Me: I'm going to take a yoga class next Wednesday night.
    Husband: Are you going to get some tight yoga pants? :-P
    Me: I have yoga pants. I wear them all the time. You may be operating under the delusion that yoga pants come with the tight, sexy, little ass sewn right in. Sad day for you. They're really just comfy pants with no magical ass-tightening abilities, whatsoever.

    1. Talk about a wake up call for dear ol' hubby!

  2. I love Tim Hawkins. The Chick fil A Son hysterical, too!

  3. Tim Hawkins is the BEST. :-D

  4. Thank you for introducing me to the genius of this man! My whole family spent wwaaaaaaay too much time online watching him on YouTube. Now my husband wants to order his DVD lol. He is so funny without being crude! Love it!

    1. He is hilarious! My husband and I saw him in concert and still laugh at the jokes. We also love the fact he can perform belly-laughing humor without being crude!

  5. I just want to put this on repeat all day long.

  6. *dying* and i feel like i might now waste 30 minutes listening to more videos. doh.

  7. Haha oh wow. this song is a hoot! yoga pants are awesome! i actually found this site that has some very cool pairs of yoga pants and tanks and alot more too
    Thanks for that video! priceless lol.

  8. I am a yoga instructor and I am showing this video to my class tomorrow night! I am CRYING I am laughing so hard! Also, I am making my husband watch it tonight so he can understand that my superpowers lie within the pants....which is why I wear them every flippin day!




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