Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Crazy Lady Go Bye Bye

I'm FINE! Where's the liquor at?!
This is my busiest time of year. The seasonal clothing migration is STILL not done. The semester is ending and students are emailing me every five seconds about their grades. Every single possible kid-related activity is kicked into high gear AND LIKE A GENIUS, I was all "Sure! I'll help out with that!"

Now please add in teacher appreciation week, two major Mother's Day undertakings, deadlines for Babble, assorted family obligations, 2 kids' birthdays, and a house so filthy that my neighbors are starting to look concerned about my children's welfare. Plus - POLLEN. I am brimming with allergies, which require me to take anti-histamines to function. The anti-histamines have the unfortunate effect of turning me into a crazy person with squirrels in my brain.

Here's what I look like right now ---------------------->

YES. Very attractive. So here's what I'm doing.

I'm taking the next 10 days to get my shizz together. A few days will be spent BEING EXTREMELY PRODUCTIVE. A few days will be spent totally unplugged with my kids and husband. Guru is in charge. Remember, she's super pregnant, has two little bitty kids to chase after, and she just moved. So basically I'm being a crappy friend by doing this to her.

Remember how I co-authored this amazing book with 35 other bloggers? Well, we've become friends. A little tribe who provides each other with support and kindness and dick jokes. So I've decided to use this time to showcase them. In fact throughout the rest of the spring and summer, I'll be featuring guest posts from these hilarious, wonderful ladies.

I'll be back right before Memorial Day weekend which crazily is less than 2 weeks away. Hopefully by then I will have gotten my shizz together and calmed down a little bit. JUST KIDDING. You know I can never calm down. 

The goal is to go from feeling like this:

(Source: lunatictoons)

To feeling like this:

Yes, that is Paul Rudd dancing. He is my favorite.
You're very welcome.

xo, Lydia

PS: You might need one more, here it is:

I KNOW. I know, you guys.

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