Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Heartwarming Conversation with Mini: The Hedgehog

Over the past couple of weeks, I've been posting conversations with my 4 year old daughter Mini that have been somewhat horrifying. I'm sure I will continue to post them as she never ceases to surprise me.

Last weekend, for example, she woke me up at 6:00am by poking me repeatedly in the neck and whispering furiously: "Det up. DET UP NOW. Jesus is coming. HURRY UP MAMA, you know he only comes twice a month."

I have no idea what that even means. But Mini is the undisputed queen of being unintentionally hilarious.

She is also so adorable and awesome that I can't even stand it. YES, it's true that she sometimes wears me out by 8:00 am and  occasionally frequently says mortifying things. But she is also capable of enormous sweetness.

During the third week in April, like many of you I was overwhelmed with what I was seeing in the news. Bombs in Boston, devastation in Texas, precious Gavin Leong leaving his family behind, and closer to home - a house fire that left a wonderful local family homeless.  It just all seemed like too much.

At a certain point, I did a little crying about it. Mini did not understand why I was upset and I honestly had no words at that moment to explain my feelings to her. I said something like: "I heard about some things that made me sad. And when I'm sad, I cry."

She looked at me and nodded and scampered off. She came back a few minutes later and handed me a tiny toy hedgehog. "Here Mama. You love dis guy." Then she scampered off again. A few minutes later she was back, holding a piece of paper. "I drew dis for you. Because you love hedgehogs."

And she gave me this. And yes - it is ever so slightly horrifying. This is Mini we're talking about, after all. I can't even tell you what I would have thought it was (had she not informed me it was a picture of a hedgehog). See for yourself.

I stared at it for a moment and told her how much I LOVED IT WITH ALL MY HEART. I hugged and kissed her and thanked her for being so nice. Then we put the hedgehog next to the drawing, so we could see what a good job she did.

Kids are so awesome. They just are so, so wonderful. And Mini is so awesome. I love my hedgehog picture more than anything.

Her father saw it later that night, completely out of context, and was like: "??????"

I just said "Hedgehog" and he was like "Oh thank goodness." He may have been thinking about Father's Day.


If your kid has amazing drawings that you want to share with Mommyland, send it to me at

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  1. Bwaahahahahaha - nearly spat coffee over my screen. Hysterical and yet soooo sweet :-)
    IKE xx

  2. You seriously need to get that hedgehog picture made into a pendant from those guys, kidzcandesign.

  3. I love 4 year old drawings logic! Yesterday my 4 year old daughter drew me a picture of her brain (she is currently obsessed with her brain and where it is and how it works)!

  4. My son recently drew a vaguely inappropriate church scene on the kids' bulletin. I posted about it:

    Fortunately, though, most of their pics are not at all phallic...

  5. So sweet!!

    Someone sent me this link....might make you feel better about the horrifying things Mini says. Unless you submitted some of these.

  6. I just saw on pinterest you can turn your kids drawings into a tea towel! Snort!

  7. Wish I lived by you so we could share a cry and a hug. Leave it to Mini to love you out of a sad place, what a wonderful devilish cupcake you have there :)

  8. When our oldest cat passed away my son drew me a picture. That cat had been with me for close to 15 years. Mr Bean knew how sad I was and while I was at the vet having the cat put to sleep and drew me a picture. The picture says boo boo (cat's name) to Mom. He drew the cat which was a black and brown calico with me (stick figure) standing behind the cat's butt. The cat is bigger than I am in the picture and his tail is missing. However that picture is so special to me and I cannot see me ever getting rid of the picture.

  9. At last, I have learned NOT to read this blog while sipping a beverage. Thanks for the laugh!

  10. Actually, with the stuffed hedgehog right next to it, it TOTALLY makes sense.

  11. I don't have a drawing...I have letters written by my 5 year old.

    1. This came home after the fact. A class project for Valentine's day. Displayed in the school hallways for all to see: "I love my Mama because she is fluffy." <- FLUFFY. Of all the reasons to love me. O.o

    2. From the same child at Christmas. ALSO a class project displayed in the hallways. Her list of things she wanted to give her family for Christmas. What did she want to give her dad? "A cok" ...... Took me a few minutes. I knew it wasn't what MY brain automatically said, because as far as I know she doesn't know that word. So I finally asked her to read her list to me. She wanted to give her dad A COKE. Muuuuccchhh better. :)

    1. You seriously need to go take pictures of those letters with your phone and email them to me at

      I'm begging you.

      xoxo, Lydoa

  12. Once again, I find myself laugh-crying into and then aspirating my lunch. You should tell her that her drawing cheered up a bunch of other mommies who were sad, too (or at least, it cheered me up).

  13. Howling. Just Howling. Jesus only comes twice a month. The drawing. Howling. Nothing is funnier than a child. Howling.

    Thank you for sharing.

  14. this is so sweet!! your daughter sounds absolutely precious. =D

  15. I have to say thank you so much for posting these conversations with Mini. I have a 4 almost 5 yo (although we tell everyone that she is 4 going on 30). Her and Mini could almost have been separated at birth, if I hadn't carried her for 9 months! It warms the cockles of my heart to know that my daughter isn't the only one that has random hilarious things pop out of her mouth!! Thanks again and please keep these posts coming!!

  16. This info is priceless. Where can I find out more?

    Here is my page; lovely deer cranium tattoos




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