Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Help this Woman: The Guide Dog

I got this message on Facebook asking for our advice and OF COURSE I had to share it with you...

Hi and (shyly, perhaps awkwardly) waving!

A while back the mommies helped out an awesomesauce little girl with a few witty snippets to use in reply to the tiresome asshats that pointed out her eyepatch. I'm wondering if you might help out my little boy as he is awesomesauce as well. You see, we are lucky enough to be in the process of obtaining a service dog for my son. A psychiatric service dog. 


(Avert eyes. Quickly gather purse and keys as you hug precious, sane children and run away). Oh yes. Throwing out "psychiatric" will shut down a conversation faster than you can say DSM-5! 

As you can imagine, it might be difficult for a second grader who doesn't LOOK disabled (insert eye roll here) to explain to 5,000 people at school why he is accompanied by an amazing, furry, sturdy, walking vessel of calm. He just needs this dog so badly. My son struggles to hold it together at school and handle bone-crushing anxiety while trying desperately to fit in with his classmates. Oh, and learn. 

We are not ashamed. Bipolar disorder does not own us; WE own IT! In our time and by our choice, both my son and I talk about our shared illness. We raise money, read books, take classes and nearly singlehandedly support Big Pharma. 

I just want some ideas for how my son (my precious, mostly sane child) might cleverly respond to questions about the Fur when he starts bringing him to school. Nothing mean, as I'm sure nearly all the inquiries will come from a place of curiosity and they are just kids. Just a funny, lighthearted response. If you can help, I would be so grateful. 

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