Wednesday, June 26, 2013

In the Mommy Room

You guys know that it's a struggle for me to keep my house clean, right? That it's usually pretty awful, even though I'm really and truly trying? Sigh... I should be embarrassed but I'm starting to think a messy house is like a boob stain for me - part of my personality that really can't be denied. 

When we bought this house in 2011, I was the happiest person on earth. I love this house. It's perfect for us. It's set up so that when you walk in, you pretty much just see one room to your left. It's a living room - or actually more of a sitting room. I decided to call it the Mommy Room. It's where we put everything we own that is nice or worth more than $5 or purchased some place other than Target. 

Now, don't get confused and think the Mommy Room is done. Or nicely decorated. I lack the gene that allows me to arrange furniture in way that makes sense or looks good. Or engage in any activity you see people doing on HGTV. But that doesn't matter. 

Because this was the Mommy Room. I swore to ALL OF THE GODS OF ALL MOTHERS DATING BACK TO BEGINNING OF TIME that I could keep that one room presentable. Because I was tired of having people walk into my house and recoil in horror because it was like some kid-related explosion had taken place. And then been liberally sprinkled with dog hair. 

I was not going for fancy, or Pottery Barn catalog, or even "nice" - I was just shooting for not embarrassing. I just wanted FOR ONCE to have a house that was pop-over ready and would not elicit the righteous sniff from my neighbors. 

I made the children swear to abide by the new rules of the Mommy Room. They could have the rest of the house. That was my room. Everyone understood and was on board. Whew! I finally felt like a respectable grown up, you guys.


Here's a picture of the Mommy Room today, 18 months after we moved in. 

It's Occupy Mommy Room, you guys. It's a tent city in what was supposed to be my sitting room. 

And it gets better than mere blanket forts. Yes, it does. Because school is out, so now we will do crafts and paint things. All of the things.

This is the "craft area" directly off of the mommy room. The stench of washable paint permeates the air. Because literally gallons of washable paint has been poured out into paper Walmart plates. The paint itself is caked everywhere: table, chairs, floor, walls, ceiling. In some places, dog hair has dried into the paint.

Wait. What was that sound? I just gave myself the righteous sniff.

Just in case you needed a moment in which to feel better about yourself, here it is. I give it to you. I give you "The Mommy Room", the perfect analogy for how I do everything.

xo, Lydia   

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