Friday, June 28, 2013

Peeps and a Pool Crawl - Sponsored Post

We spend a whole lot of time at the pool in the summer.  Here's the thing, I live in Virginia and it gets hot here. Like really hot. I mean, I lived in Alabama for four years and it gets incredi-hot there. And let me tell you that a bad day in Virginia and a bad day in Alabama don't actually feel that different. Hence, during the summer you will find us at the pool.

It costs money to join the pool (not that much - we're lucky) and after that, it's kind of like free fun. Except of course for the $12,000 I paid for team suits, goggles, fins and others swim crap swag. It's still cheaper than camp for three kids (which costs $12,000 + one functioning kidney).

Ahhh... Summer. When the suns shines, the chlorine burns, and the money pours out of my wallet.

Last week, several families that we're buds with did a pool crawl. It lasts all day and we go to five pools. Yes, it's like a pub crawl except you can bring your kids and it's wholesome fun. Also like a pub crawl - you spend the next day exhausted and wondering what you the hell you were thinking. Except instead of nursing a hangover, you're applying aloe to burned shoulders.

It's actually super fun and the kids have a blast. Also, it's good for them because around hour five, they get a little bit bored. And they are forced to make their own fun. And I'm of the opinion that kids in 2013 are really, really bad at making their own fun. I think it's because of iPods and smartphones and DS's and stuff. They can't be bored for five minutes. It's just weird. Being bored and watching "Three's Company" are the two things that defined my childhood. I would be awesome at being bored if I was ever allowed to be. I haven't been bored since 2002. I remember it well. It was glorious.

So last week was the all day pool tour and it was very hot and very fun. But by the time we got to the last pool, we were all a little slappy. So I made a quick pit stop at my house for  two things: peeps and cocktails.

The Peeps were for the kids. They needed sugar. And the very nice people at Peeps sent me a huge
case of them (including two brand new flavors) and I needed to get it out of my house or I was in danger of binge eating them all while watching a True Blood marathon and that would be bad.

The cocktails were for the grown ups. I had made 2 batches - enough for each adult to have one small, strong drink of each kind. One variety was inspired by the new lemonade and bubble gum flavored Peeps, the other by the Dole Whips from Disney World that I yearn for (a creamy pineapple concoction that is beyond delicious).

Yeah, those are my markers. Because coloring happens on a pool crawl.
First, I threw all the different flavored Peeps at the kids and asked them to write down their opinions on the pizza boxes that had supplied their dinners. Here's what they had to say:

Regular Peeps: Mostly yummy!
Lemonade Peeps: Too Sour. Unless you like sour things, then mostly yummy!
Bubblegum Peeps: Mostly yummy!

I tried to ask them more about it but they were all too busy running and squealing and jumping in the pool. You're welcome, Peeps. No need to conduct expensive focus groups now. I took care of it for you. Also, make sure you do your taste tests outside because it seems like maybe its a little hard for kids to use their inside voices after you feed them 12 boxes of Peeps.

Just a helpful suggestion from your old pal Lydia. Moving on.

Then I poured two drinks for the grown ups. They were both mixed up in a blender that morning, then poured into gallon sized Ziploc bags and tossed in the freezer for the day. Here's what I served them:

I agree, this is Pinterest-worthy photography.
Peeps-inspired Pink Lemonade Shooter
1 can pink lemonade frozen concentrate
3/4 can good vodka (I used Absolute)
1 1/2 cans water
1/2 cup sugar

Blend in a blender. Pour into a large ziploc and freeze for hours. Pour 3 or 4 ounces into red solo cups at the pool while your friends distract the lifeguards. Top with a lemonade Peep. Get ready to hear things like: "Oh my goodness, this is soooooo goooood. How did you do this? It's like a grown up slushie. I want to drink five of these but only at my house after the kids have gone to bed. I love you so hard right now."

Consensus: WIN.

Dole Whip Rum Freeze
1 can pineapple frozen concentrate
3/4 can dark Myers rum
2 cans vanilla ice cream

Blend in a blender. Pour into a large ziploc and freeze for hours. Pour 3 or 4 ounces into red solo cups at the pool while your friends distract the lifeguards with increasingly ridiculous behavior. Get ready to hear things like: "Oh my goodness, this smells like paint. Wow, this is really strong. Are you sure this isn't some sort of medicine? It makes my eyes hurt. I'm coughing now, because of your drink. Is it supposed to burn?It's ok, I still like you."

Consensus: NO. Just no. Not ever.

You guys totally wish we could be friends in real life, right? No? Its ok. I still like you.

xo, Lydia

PS: This is what I mean by a can - you take the can that the frozen juice concentrate came in and use it measure all your ingredients.

Many thanks to the kind people at Peeps. Sponsored posts are currently being used (and accepted!) to help my amazing little sister who needs me right now, just in case you were wondering. Last time I did a sponsored post, a couple of you wondered.

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  1. Here's a DoleWhip recipe I found on Facebook last month - it should totally be reworked as a grown-up beverage ;-)

  2. I'd still totally be your friend. Because it would be fun AND we'd have to spend some quality time reworking that dole whip recipe til we got it right.....

  3. I live in MD, maybe I could visit you in VA? :) Thanks for the awesome idea of freezing in Ziploc bags in the morning for use later in the day!!! Sounds perfect for our 4th of July get together - get the prep out of the way so I can have fun! I'm thinking maybe a dreamsicle concoction with OJ and whipped cream vodka....

  4. SHOOOOOOOOOT!!!!! I am your friend in real life!!!! SCORE FOR ELLEN!!!!! <3 We miss you all so much!!!!!!!!! SO SO MUCH, and completely understand the HOT thing . . .

  5. Replace the dark rum with coconut rum. Good to go. I also like the idea of adding OJ, then you could do vodka. So many good ways to go with that.

    FYI, you know those Cool Lime Refreshers at Starbucks? Add some light rum and you've got a mojito. Add some coconut rum and you've got heaven. Or, if you're driving or something important, just add coconut flavor. Are you picking up that I like coconut?

    Wish I could explain to you (and Kate, and Louise, and Ellen, and everyone else) how much I love you because YOU GET IT.

  6. Why I am I still tempted to try your recipe for Dole Whips?? It sounds sooooo good, how could it not be?? Will be trying the pink lemonade ones for a party in a few weeks, thanks!!

  7. I you are ever in CLE, please come and do a pool crawl with me. Then we can grill pizza in my backyard. Thank you and carry on.

  8. The lemonade shooter sounds really yummy. Quick question though... How much vodka is 3/4 can? I've never seen vodka in a can

    1. Use the lemonade can as your measurement tool.

    2. And if you ever do see vodka sold in a can . . . run.

  9. Use Malibu rum( coconut rum) in the pineapple one. No more medicine cough. :)

  10. If you ever (completely randomly) move to Iowa I vow to become a friend immediately. We have an AWESOME Target. It frequently is a test market so we get things even sooner than other stores! Yippie!!!!

    Hope your sister is ok. Now going to look for my blender.... and where the heck can I get a lemonade Peep? Target does NOT have them right now!!!!

  11. um. yeah. putting pool crawl on my july calendar.

  12. Just found your blog and cant stop laughing...I know that we would be great friends! Love your sense of humor!




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