Tuesday, June 18, 2013

This is a Masterpiece Except I Can't Understand It

Last week, Mini (my 4 year old) drew this picture. It's apparently a picture of me and her dad at our wedding 16 years ago and we're about to kiss. When she said the word "kiss" she drew it out so that it had about 45 syllables and then she sighed and said: "GWOSS".

Then I took a good look at the picture and I was like "WHAAAA?!?!?"

I posted it on Facebook: "Please note the purple girl playing drums on the left and the yellow man on the right playing what I was assured by the artist is a banjo. Also, she seems to have created some sort of symbol-based language and written a code at the top."

See for yourself:


One of the first comments I received on this was from a friend of my husband who made a very astute observation in regards to the symbols at the top. He said that the drum/banjo wedding band must be a Zeppelin cover band. Observe:

Then my friend, the brilliant and talented Joslyn Gray (aka Stark.Raving.Mad.Mommy) tried to decode it and sent me this with the following comment:

"Annotated with symbol interpretation. She's a GENIUS. Although I'm not sure what having an Alcoholics Anonymous symbol floating over your head says about her thoughts on your marriage"

I asked Mini about the symbols and she claims that it's a sentence that when read properly reads "Love Mommy and Daddy because [insert eye roll] IT'S A WEDDING." She also looked very annoyed that I was bothering her and stated repeatedly that they were NOT symbols, they were peoples.

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