Wednesday, August 28, 2013

10 Ways You Know Summer is Over

Photo credit by Exsodus
I love summer this year and I don't want it to end. But then little things started creeping up on me and it has become clear that maybe it's time for summer to just be over for a while.

The biggest reason for this assertion? My kids are so sick of this house and each other that if we have have one more rainy day, I may as well set up an MMA cage match in my family room because that's what it will degenerate into by 3:00.

Another reason? The TV watching is totally out of hand. So I step in and set limits and turn it off and... First whining, then pouting, then the MMA fights start.

So I started writing a list of all the ways I knew summer not only was over - but probably should be. Then it seemed to me that it was very familiar - so I looked up an old post Kate and I wrote a couple of years ago on the subject. I used that post, and where I'm at now, to create the following handy dandy graphic:

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  1. So, so very true. DH just asked yesterday when their last bath was and I told him Sunday when we went to the pool. Prior to that I cannot actually remember. LOL I also get the MMA cage match thing. I feel like I should wear black and white striped shirts all the time with the amount of refereeing that I do and it does seem to have increased exponentially over the past couple of days.

  2. 100% TRUE! My kids roll out of bed at 9:00am and ask crazy questions like; "can we just have donuts for breakfast?"...At about 10:30am I'm asked yet another crazy question like; "can we have a pop?" & oh how I miss our night time routine! These days we're wrangling four wild piglets, hog tying them & throwing them into bed; "Mawmee, you forgot to say prayers!" Me; "Dear Lord thank you for today, love & blessings in Jesus name Amen! Not one peep! GOODNIGHT." I never thought I'd utter these words but...I miss my routine & I'm ready for school to start!

  3. I am so beyond ready for school to start. 6 more sleeps. If they don't kill each other first.

  4. the audacity of my babysitter to get an education. it really sucks. excellent list!

  5. SO happy to know it's not just my kids going insane the past week or two. And mine are just starting their school careers. But between the bickering, whining, tattling, TV watching and inability to listen I feel like I"m losing my mind! We will have to figure out our new school routines soon.

  6. This may be why school already started (Monday) in Montgomery County :-)

  7. I am ENTIRELY with you. Mine went back this week, and while the 6am alarm sucks, the 8pm bedtime makes my day! They are tired and want to sleep! And the lack of Minecraft and Disney channel are wonderful, too. Sure, we're still fighting...over homework, breakfast,dinner, bedtime,teeth brushing. But the ROUTINE of it all helps immensely. At least I can predict which battle I'll have and when!

  8. In the Bay Area schools has been in sessions for 2 weeks already.




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