Tuesday, August 20, 2013

11 Things About This Summer

It occurs to me that it's time to tell you guys some stuff that's been going on with me. I know I haven't been writing very much lately. For some reason, every summer turns into this bizarro scenario whereby I can either blog about parenting or actually parent my kids.

Unless I forgo sleep altogether (did that in the summer of 2010, wouldn't recommend it), I just can't write as much as I'd like to. Plus there's all that other stuff - you know - LIFE. It just keeps happening. So here are some of the things that have been going on with me. Some of these things are embarrassing. Others are funny. One is sad.

11. I have a problem with 31 bags. I don't know why I keep ordering them but it's going to become a marital problem if I don't stop soon. I just got one for Guru as her new diaper bag - OMG IT'S SO AWESOME. No wait. Stop. Just... Stop the insanity. I want to buy a coin purse right now. I'm actively trying not buy one. It hurts.

NOTE: Last week, I went to visit my mom and at the same time, Guru went to visit her dad. My mom lives about 30 minutes away from her dad, so I got the chance to give Guru her new baby present IN PERSON and hold her baby and sniff his precious baby head. He is so awesome. And she looks great, even though she hasn't slept in 7 weeks. 

10.  My kids have done basically no learning activities this summer. None. Unless Minecraft counts.

9. My little sister is getting divorced. It is making me FEEL FEELINGS. I don't like these feelings and I want them to stop except that in the past when I've tried really hard not to feel things I tend to make bad choices that are not healthy for me. So currently, I'm feeling all of the feelings and I know this is the right thing to do but I freaking hate it. I wish her mother were here and I miss her.

8. This morning, Mini woke me up at 6:55 am by saying: "Mommy. I'm worried. My arms are really floppy and my hands seem too big and I don't have super strength." The strange thing was, I totally understood where she was coming from. We hugged it out.

7. The whole sweet spot thing? It's still happening. Right now all I want to do is hang out with my kids until the summer ends (which for me is in exactly one week, when I go back to work teaching part time). For the first time ever, I do not want school to start back up. GO AWAY SCHOOL, MORE SUMMER PLEASE.

6. Oh wait. Did I just say that? Because I just screamed at my kids to stop screaming at each other because I am an excellent parent.

5. Every time Mini does not use gentle hands (or feet, or teeth) she loses the iPad for 2 days. She has not used it since July and I think she is currently scheduled to get it back in mid-October.

4. How did I recently spend my 16th wedding anniversary with the world's best and nicest husband, the incomparable Cap'n Coupon? First, Home Depot. Then we went out to a nice dinner where we ate grilled fish and salads. Home by 8:15. Like a couple of ballers.

3. Last week, the littles and I were on vacation and I gained back 3.5 pounds. Worst part? Every time I ate something junky, I felt super sick, like my body was rejecting it. It was so weird. Is this how healthy people feel all the time? Is that why they are so hateful towards things like Big Macs and large fountain Cokes?

2. After a month of my kids singing "We're up all night to get lucky", I had to have a very awkward conversation with my 10 year old daughter about exactly what that meant and could she please not say in public. I've also had to set the radio in my van to the Jesus music station which has had two unfortunate consequences. Number one: worship music of any kind makes me weep uncontrollably and without warning (item #9 is not helping the situation, either). Number two: Mini now knows all the words to the most frequently played songs but will only sing along in a monster voice. This reinforces the devil cupcake theory in a most disconcerting manner.

1. I had this grand plan to completely clean out my kids' rooms, my closet and the craft area - purging unwanted and out-grown stuff. I would do it this month, before school started, so as to have a clean slate! To get a jump on that wily bastard, the seasonal clothing migration! To be organized and on top of things!

It's all right. You can laugh. Wasn't I adorable thinking I could do that? Wasn't I just precious? Because at the moment, I'm not sure the last time my dog ate, where my car keys are or how long that load of pool towels has been sitting in the washing machine. I guess things will get better in this area when school starts up and I have more free time. But right now, I sort of like the chaos the way it is.

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  1. I GET IT! I am with ya on #3 - I have cut out my cokes for like, the 5th time and now get SICK if I drink them, not to mention all sodas taste flat to me now - even my beloved fountain ones. /sigh
    thank you for making me laugh so loud at " Mini now knows all the words to the most frequently played songs but will only sing along in a monster voice." Enjoy your last week of 24/7 together before break of school. :)

  2. I was going to revamp my entire filing system, and convert my recipes to a notebook so I'm not digging thru a pile of printouts every time I want to make Alton's steel cut oats. I didn't even get around to filing the end-of-school stack that is still on my counter. But we did a lot of swimming, so there's that...

  3. #1 - ha! Right now, I'm looking forward to the free time I'll have when school starts so I can get the organizing projects done that I was going to get done during all the free time I was going to have this summer.

  4. #2: Well...my 4 year old has been singing it "We're up all Mexican lucky" and I cannot convince him that those are not the correct words. So.....yah....

    1. Holy crap that's funny :)

  5. I have less than one week to try to get all the organizing done I want done. My kids have already started school, but next week I start full time (like, on campus and everything!), so my time will be rather limited, and I can't really count on hubby to get everything done.

  6. Lydia- You made me ugly cry this morning. I revisited your letter to your sister (via your handy tag) and now I'm crying. Because "And Still We Rise" should be (and now is) my theme for this summer. It's just been one thing after another. Except for where Clark and Mini-Clark are concerned. We're in a sweet spot with the little guy now- he's 14 months and every day can say or do something new. And hearing him say "Momma" and run to me is still so new. He finally knows what to call me!
    Screw you for making me cry though...
    But seriously- thanks, as always, for posting.

  7. #6 all the damn time. It's a problem.

  8. #2 I died laughing...at least she is an absolutely adorable devil cupcake child. :D I don't know how you keep a straight face. Maybe you should sing along in monster voice with her! ;-)

  9. Last night my 5 year old, during a time out where he had to be replaced into the chair multiple times SCREAM/SANG "The more you get together the happier you'll be" song.

  10. This summer I was going to tackle some character development with my almost-6 year old. I got books about being kind and respectful, sharing, listening, etc. We read a few and did some activities, but it didn't really resonate with him (I get it - I only read for pleasure, too.) He doesn't swear or insult people, but he's more like brutally honest and I want to teach him how to pick and choose his comments with a little more tact. Whatever my intentions the whole endeavor pretty much failed.

    My mother in law arrives on Friday. I just want to Freaky Friday with the cat and spend the whole week under the bed.

    1. Oooh!
      What books did you get? I'm trying to work on character development with my 8 year old - he's been saying some mean spirited things lately, including calling my 15 year old niece fat.

      I'm tempted to beat the bully out of him, but I'm pretty sure that would be frowned upon by the child protective services people, so would love to know what you have found!

      Aggravated Mommy

  11. Your posts are my feelings and thoughts but better said. Love your "realness" no cookie cutter bullshit!

  12. Don't opent he washing machine door and just run it again. Been there. But whatever you do-


  13. I've been sitting here (not really sitting) feeling sorry for myself because NOTHING gets done around the house except dishes and laundry (my kids are older and they do it themselves). Just re-watched Wall-E and decided my family is just like those people in their armchairs with little screens in front of their faces . . . except skinnier. This blog makes me feel much better. Thank you.

  14. Currently on a self-imposed 31 buying ban. I violated that 1 1/2 weeks ago because I bought the top cover thingy for the large utility tote... but at least it wasn't another bag...
    Thanks for being real.

  15. Summers are always crazy. But hey...all the kids survived. I count it as a win :)

  16. My little brother's divorce was final this past week. Understand the feelings. And hating having to feel the feelings.

    and #6, yes. every freaking day.

  17. Yes. #3 is *exactly* why I am hateful toward Big Macs and Diet Cokes. I have never in my life been able to eat at McDonald's without getting a massive headache, and this included my childhood. I could dance around a burning McDonalds like it was Christmas. And most sodas make my tongue and throat feel coated with weird gooey stuff. Sometimes I drink them anyway, but I always regret it and end up thirstier than when I started. Those Izze things don't do that. Much. I love them. And bonus, they apparently count as fruit. Or at least they come close.

  18. I'm with you on the 31 addiction. The Spouse has told me to turn down any/all invitations from here on out. i was able to hide it until we moved, then he saw everything in one spot at one time and realized there was an issue. sigh...

  19. My 31 addiction is why I became a consultant!!

    #6 happens all the freaking time.

  20. I just got back from a 31 party and I know exactly what you mean. Oh, and Minecraft totally counts.

  21. I didn't know what 31 bags was.... so I googled it.... Darn you Lydia!

  22. I'm so sorry to hear about your sister...I know from experience that the hardest thing to wrap my head around about getting divorced was that it hurt more people than just the two involved. Kids are largely recognized as victims of the fallout, and to some extent the couple's respective parents. But people often forget about the couple's siblings. I didn't realize how much my divorce hurt my brother until recently...almost 3 years after it happened.

  23. I am AFRAID to Google the 31 thing. I am a bag whore, people. I like bags because you don't have to try them on; you can just pick them up and voila! Instant makeover with no embarrassing dressing room nonsense.

    My summer has been a bit of a sh*tshow, I cannot lie. Friends divorcing, teenagers rebelling, savings dwindling... I know about feeling the feelings and would rather not, but I am and there you have it.

    I wish my nearby Target sold wine. *sigh*

  24. As a 31-aholic who became an consultant to support my habit, I totally get it.
    And I still order stuff... I just tell myself I'm going to use it to show at parties (until the print or item is retired and then it is MINE... ALL MINE).

    I love #2. I will stop worrying about my daughter singing "I could sing of your love forever" wrong and just be thankful she's singing it in a normal voice.

    #3 - this sucks. I got really healthy with my eating in January then screwed it all over this summer, but I know when I've really crossed a line because I am SICK AS A DOG. However, the McGriddle (with a round egg in place of the square crap) is like angels dancing on my tongue and I will not give it up.

    As always - love your blog. I'll be praying for your sister and the feelings it is bringing up in you.




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