Friday, August 30, 2013

The Best Back to School Picture EVER (and a round up)

Are you ready for perhaps the most beautiful and magnificent back to school picture ever? Well here it is:

Thank you, wonderful reader, for sharing this with me on Facebook. I love it as much as the self timer photo and I also love youIf you have a photo that is also wonderful, please send it to me at or post it on the RFML Facebook wall right here, and I will be so grateful.

I will post a round up of the best ones for you next week.

Speaking of round-ups! [Did you see that sweet transition I just pulled off there?] I wrote a lot of stuff for Babble this month. Some of it was just cool stuff because I had rants in my pants. Some of it was sponsored stuff. 

"Said No Teacher Ever" - Posting this adorable and hilarious video about teachers turned out to be pretty smart of me because you guys loved it and it got shared over 100k times. 

"3 Quick and Easy Mexican Dinners to Make Tonight" - As you guys know, I'm trying to eat healthy and lose weight. This post (sponsored by the awesome people at Old El Paso), shows some stuff I cook that's both yummy and low in Weight Watchers points. 

"I'm Fat and Happy but I'm Still Going on a Diet" - I honestly didn't think anyone would read this post or think it was anything other than me blathering on. But your feedback on it has been really great and it's kept me motivated so thank you.

"10 Awesome Grab-and-Go Breakfast Ideas" - Every morning in my house is a ridiculous cluster. This post (sponsored by Del Monte) shows you all the healthy things I keep on hand for both myself and my kiddles to eat when we're running around like crazy chickens.

"10 Ways You Know You’re a Middle Child" - My editors at Babble asked me to write this and while it's funny, I actually learned a lot about how birth order affects our personalities. 

"7 Ways to Energize Your Kids After School" - This post, sponsored by Del Monte, includes such parenting wisdom as: My kids are smart and hard-working, but once the TV (or any other screen) comes on, they suddenly lose the ability to hear anything that is not coming from the screen. They lose all motivation to do anything. I get it. If you try to talk me while I'm playing Candy Crush Saga, I will be like: "Listen, I am clearly very busy matching up striped jellybeans. Come back when I run out of lives."

And then there was this requisite Labor Day post.

Why so much sponsored stuff, Lydia? You may be asking. Well, there are a couple of reasons. Reason #1 is that I'm still learning how all this business stuff works and I felt really lucky that these big companies wanted to work with me. I felt like it would be crazy to say no. Reason #2 is that my little sister needs me right now so extra income is really coming in handy. 

Thanks for being cool about it. Really and truly.

xo, Lydia

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